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Medical Alert Company specializes in providing medical alert services to those who need additional care and monitoring due to potential health issues.

The main purpose of a medical alert company is to provide seniors with quick and easy solutions to get help in case of any kind of emergency. This additional layer of safety allows seniors to live more independent lives in their own homes. There are a lot of different medical alert companies out there, and they offer different types of solutions for people who rely on this type of medical service to monitor their health and dispatch help in case of an emergency. Click here to view our top 10 list of medical alert companies »



So What Will a Typical Company Offer Me?

Each company offers a system or a plan, which includes a set of services provided by the company. The companies usually offer three different systems (plans), but there are also companies that offer even more versions of the systems and/or payment plans.

(For example – plans from Medical Guardian company)

Additionally, some companies offer only one basic system (plan) which includes all the services provided by the company. The main differences between plans are in the hardware and in the additional features each plan includes, as well as in terms of service related to using a specific plan. It is worth noting that many companies share the same hardware, with their own logo placed on it.

With approximately 30 companies currently present on the market, users can find a lot of different systems (plans) to choose from, based on their own needs and budget. Each system is usually available via monthly subscription, and many companies offer discounts for quarterly or annual payment plans.



How Does It Work?

Once you choose a company, you will need to install the hardware in a strategic location in the home. Usually, the best place to set up the hardware is in the room where the person who is using the system will be spending most of the time during the day. The process of summoning help is pretty much the same with all the companies and it consists of three steps:

1. Push the alert button – Each company provides a help button, in a form of a wearable pendant, a necklace or a bracelet, which should be within the reach at any moment. User needs to push the alert button in order to automatically make connection with the emergency call center.

2. Talk to the call center agents – As soon as the help button is activated, the connection with the call center is established and the user describes the situation to the trained agent, who will then decide which actions to take.

3. Medical assistance is provided – When the nature of the emergency is determined, the agent decides whether to simply call the family members or neighbors who are listed as emergency contacts, or if the local emergency response teams should be dispatched to the location.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a medical alert service, as the features and the terms of service vary from company to company, which is why we have done an extensive research on each company in order to present all the information necessary for one to make an informed decision.



How to Choose a Medical Alert Company?

When choosing a medical alert company you should first think about the main features that you will be needing the company to provide for you. Companies might be offering a lot of add-ons and packages you will not actually be needing. Find out which features you really need. These can be wall mounted voice extenders, two-way talking pendants, mobile medical alert pendants that work on the go, etc. Get yourself familiar with all the usual features medical alert companies offer and think about which add-ons you would like to have in your system. This will allow you to filter out companies that suit your personal needs.

The first place to start is to determine if you need a home based or mobile system and if you would be using a phone landline or cellular network for connection. Another major feature is a two-way talking pendant. If you are living in a large home, it might be worth considering a two-way talking pendant feature to ensure clear communication with the call center agents in case of an emergency. Another major feature is fall detection, this feature is in most cases available at an additional monthly cost in form of an upgraded help button pendant.

Considering these suggestions will help you choose a medical alert company that provides a plan that is perfectly suited to your needs. Having all of the information about your personal requirements, as well as all of the available information about the company will help you make an informed decision and choose the system that is going to be helpful in emergency situations.

When someone needs help, especially after a fall, time is priceless and getting necessary medical help early ensures potentially easier recovery, which is why systems like these are of great importance, particularly for people with health issues who live alone. Check our top 10 medical alert companies page.


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