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Medical alert companies usually offer additional alert button option, which come at an additional cost. For example, if the user of medical service is interested in having an additional alert button, for a spouse or a relative living in the same house, they can check with the medical alert company to look into the terms of having an additional alert button.

Additional alert button might be available in several editions, including a wristband or a necklace pendant. This service comes at an added cost, which means that the price you pay for the medical service will be increased by the additional pendant costs.

However, the price of the additional pendant is usually much lower in comparison to purchasing a separate subscription plan altogether. Also, some of the companies even offer multiple pendants already included in their plans. Monitoring service itself for additional person using the system can be free, but that is not always the case. This means that the monthly costs might increase due to additional pendant and/or monitoring costs on top of the regular subscription plan. The number of additional pendants supported depends on the base station unit and technology built-in. Each company provides information on how many additional pendants can be used with the system. When getting additional pendants, the user can choose different add-on options. For example, pendants can have different mounting option or even feature fall detection, all depending on the user’s preferences.


Prices – Free \ Monthly Subscription \ One-Time Fee

Some companies offer additional pendants at a monthly subscription price while others allow users to purchase the pendants for a one-time fee. When a user purchases the pendant for a one-time fee, he owns it and there are no additional costs. This can bring significant savings in a long run if the user is certain he will be using the company for a long time. For those experimenting with the new service, monthly rental of additional pendants is a better choice.

Always check with the medical alert company about the additional pendant options and prices. Sometimes, companies do not list additional pendant options and prices online – yet they offer these services per request. It is rare to find a company that does not offer additional pendant options. When getting an additional pendant, you should ask the company representative about the terms of use. You should also check if monitoring service for another person is included in the price or if it comes as an added cost. Choose a help button option that suits the person who is planning to use the button. Some people prefer wristband mounting option while others like to use necklace pendants. Having multiple users in a single home using the system can help with justifying the cost of the equipment and making it more affordable in a long run.


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