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Walgreens Ready Response is a medical alert service provider. Seniors and those with various medical conditions are ones often using services like this one. Medical alert service is based on providing immediate help at the touch of a button. There is a help button a person can wear and use in any case of emergency. When user pushes the help button, a call center available 24/7 will take the call and assess the nature of the emergency and take appropriate actions.

Using a medical alert service like the one Walgreens Ready Response provides is a smart way to bring reassurance both to the users and their loved ones. Also, this means that independent living is much safer. If anything goes wrong, it is comforting to know that the help is just a push of a button away.

This service is suitable for elderly persons living alone, caretakers, those who might be at risk of falling or have mobility issues, persons recovering from different medical conditions or those who are worried about potential intruders and theft. The reason behind using a service like this does not really need to be motivated by medical conditions, there are various reasons why some might choose to sign up for a monitoring/alert service like the one provided by Walgreens Ready Response.



So How Does It Work?

The main purpose of a medical alert system is to provide an additional layer of safety and reassurance as well as immediate help if something happens. The system is made of a base unit station that enables connectivity and a wearable pendant device. The person using the system wears a pendant and it is recommended to have it on all the time. Both base station and pendant feature a help button.

When this button is activated, a signal is sent to the call center. Call center agents will have all the information about you on the screen, as soon as you place a distress call by pressing the button. This information is provided upon signing up for the service. Based on this information and the nature of your emergency, appropriate action is taken. For example, a neighbor or emergency contact person you have listed would be contacted for assistance. Of course, if the emergency is life threatening – local emergency services will be sent immediately. Usually, if it is not possible to communicate with the person in need via medical alert system, local emergency service is sent to the location by default.

When signing up for service, it is needed to add information about the responder. This is a person who has a key and access to your home and who is one of the first contacts call center agents should get in touch with in case something happens. Users should rest assured that the call center will respond to any of their calls, day or night, and that agents are well trained and capable.



Plans and Pricing

Walgreens Ready Response medical alert systems are available as subscription services, billed monthly.


1. Vi – Home Based Unit priced at $29.99 per month

This is a traditional medical alert system that works over a phone landline. The base unit has a very nice and modern looking design. The service also includes a pendant help button available as a necklace, a wristband or a belt clip.





  • 24/7 call center
  • 30 hour backup battery
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Uses landline, cable or VoIP phone services for connection
  • Modern looking base unit
  • 3 pendant options
  • Water resistant pendant
  • Range of 390ft from the base unit

This package is for those who are looking for a standard medical alert system. Base unit connects via landline to the call center. User can press a help button on the pendant anytime and the connection with the help center will be established.



2. CEL – Home Based Unit priced at $36.99 per month

This is a cellular medical alert system. This system does not require a landline to operate which makes it great for those who do not have access to it or have cancelled their landline phone service. The system uses a cellular connection, and the potential charges are included in the subscription.



  • 24/7 call center
  • 30 hour backup battery
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Uses cellular network and does not require a landline for operation
  • 3 pendant options
  • Water resistant pendant
  • Range of 390ft from the base unit

This system is great for those who cannot use the landline version. Base unit uses a cellular network for operation. It is neat that all the cellular costs are included in the subscription price. When protected person presses the help button, a connection with the call center is established immediately. Please note that you do need to have cellular network coverage at your location. CEL system uses a T-Mobile network.


3. Ready Response on the Go – Mobile Safety Device priced at $39.99 per month

Now this is one of those medical alert systems that work on the go and virtually everywhere. Those who like to have medical alert monitoring service available on the go and outside of their homes use systems like this. Due to the mobility aspect, systems like this are popular among those who take long hikes, go mountain climbing or do extreme sports. Sometimes even parents get it for their kids so they know they are safe when walking to school.

This system uses a cellular network to operate and has all the same features are regular alert system with few add-ons such as GPS support.


  • 24/7 call center
  • 36 hour standby battery life
  • Two-way voice communication and hands-free option
  • One button activation
  • GPS and location based services
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Water resistant pendant
  • Lightweight design

This unit uses AT&T cellular network for operation. Automatic fall detection feature is highly useful as it can automatically contact the call center in case a fall is detected and the protected person for any reason cannot get up or push the help button. It is important to note that the fall detection feature does not come with 100% fall detection guarantee so it is always suggested to users to press the button when help is needed. There is a $14.99 activation fee for this device. Monthly fee includes cellular charges.



Optional add-ons

  • iVi – Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection priced at $7.99 per month

This is an optional upgrade that can replace the standard pendant. This pendant features fall detection. It works with Vi and CEL systems. Besides fall detection, there is a standard help button. Fall detection feature is able to detect falls and send a help signal to the call center. Call center agent then tries to make contact with the user. If for any reason the agent can’t establish communication with the person in need, local emergency services are sent to the location. This is a worthy upgrade for those who might be at risk of falling. Statistics show that those who fall once, are very likely to have another accident in the future.


  • Automatic fall detection
  • Adjustable fall sensitivity
  • Cancel button in case help is not required
  • Low battery alerts
  • Visual and audio alerts signal users that the fall has been detected
  • Range of 380ft from the base unit
  • Water resistant pendant
  • 3 pendant options: clothing clip, neck cord or belt clip

It is important to note that there is no guarantee that 100% of falls will be detected.

  • Lock Box priced at $2.99 per month

This is a simple way to enable access to your home in case of emergency. Lock box can store a house key outside of the door. Secret code is used to unlock the box. This code is shared with Walgreens Ready Response team. In case of emergency, call center agents might share this code with local emergency services. This is great as sometimes seconds can matter and lock box can provide a quick access to the person who needs help. Also, using a lock box prevents possible costly repairs due to forced entries.


  • Can hold up to 6 keys
  • Adjustable combination 4 digit lock
  • Metal construction
  • Can be placed anywhere outside of the home

Access to the lock combination might be shared with fire department, police or emergency medical responders. Also, it is possible to designate other people to gain access to the lock box in case of emergency by listing trusted caretakers, family members or neighbors when signing up for medical alert service.



Common Questions

“Will this service increase my phone bill?”

No, landline version of the system dials a toll-free number.

“What is the range of the wearable device?”

The range depends on the layout of your home and building materials. The help button is designed to have a range of approximately 390ft from the base unit.

“Is there a long term contract?”

No, this is a subscription based service that is charged on monthly basis, and it is possible to cancel anytime.

“Who handles monitoring?”

Tunstall Americas is a provider behind the monitoring services.

“Do I need to charge my Ready Response On the Go system?”

Yes, the unit needs to be put on the charger every night for at least 4 hours.

“Can I use my phone line which is connected to Walgreens Ready Response medical alert system?”

Yes, your phone will work just fine for normal calls.

“Can operator hear me if I am away from the base station or wearable unit?”

Yes, all units feature highly sensitive microphones designed to provide clear communication between users and call center agents.




Both landline and cellular systems availability
Two-way pendant communication
Mobile device available for monitoring on the go
No long term contracts
Modern design
Cellular fees included in subscription
3 different pendant options
Automatic fall detection system availability
GPS positioning built into mobile system
Dual monitoring/call centers
Multilingual call center agents (English and Spanish)






No discount on long term plans
No text message alerts and notifications available
Lockbox is available at an additional monthly charge
Not possible to dial 911 directly from the unit
No smoke, water and fire sensor add-ons available




Company Info

Walgreens ready Response Medical Alert Service is a product of cooperation between Walgreens (drugstore chain) and Tunstall (medical monitoring provider). Tunstall Americas has been providing medical monitoring services for more than 30 years now. This ensures that all the services provided and technologies used are of high quality due to a long tradition in this business industry. Tunstall Americas company headquarters are located in Long Island City, New York.


Call Center

This company has dual call centers located in separate geographic locations to ensure staying operational in case of any kind of natural disaster or power failure. Their call center agents speak English and Spanish. There are several phone and cell phone service providers used for safety reasons in case any of the provider services fail to deliver connectivity. All calls are recorder.


Final Recommendation

Walgreens Ready Response company provides a number of different medical monitoring systems. The number of products and systems offered range from home based solutions that function over a landline to fully mobile monitoring service designed for outdoors use. All systems are available for a monthly subscription. There are add-ons such as lockbox and pendants with fall detection that can be purchased for an additional price. This monitoring service has a dual call center that ensures that system remains operational in case of natural disasters. Call center agents speak English and Spanish. This company provides products which will satisfy most of potential users out there and there are really no big shortcomings in features when it comes to using this service.

We do not sell Walgreens Ready Response products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at WalgreensReadyResponse.com

Have you tried the services from Walgreens Ready Response? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alarm system to keep them safe and sound.

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