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MediPendant was one of the first companies to provide seniors with a home medical alert system that allows them to directly speak with healthcare professionals directly through the pendant unit that’s part of the home safety system.

The call center that you’re connected to will be fully staffed by certified EMTs and they’ll stay with you on the phone until help arrives.

MediPendant offers a great protection for you in your home and it alerts you when you’ve gone out of range, so you never have to be without help. The speaker is waterproof and the customer service representatives get great reviews from customers all over the Web.

The one thing about the MediPendant is that you may want to shop around because it has a lot of partners and some stores or online services will provide you with a better discount on the initial purchase price. After that initial test runs out, you simply renew the service directly with MediPendant at the prices located in our pricing options sections.



MediPendant offers a single device with a choice of two base stations.

Your standard unit works with home phone lines including many alternative telephone services such as AT&T’s U-Verse and Vonage.

The only difference with the mobile unit is that it does not require a home phone but will include a slightly higher cost each month.

The regular MediPendant service operates by moving all of the controls you need to the unit you wear around your neck, not the base station. The station simply connects to a phone line, while your pendant is where you’ll call and speak to medical care professionals whenever you have an emergency.


The pendant has a single button that you use for emergency “Help” calls or to test the service and it has a small light at the bottom that will illuminate if the battery is low. When you order the system, everything will be shipped in a single, small box so you’re good to go once it arrives.



When you open the box, you’ll get:

  • Voice speakerphone pendant
  • Small base station to hold the pendant when you are not wearing it
  • Easy to follow 10-step set-up guide
  • Battery pre-installed (lasts 2 years)
  • Belt, neck, and arm band attachments
  • Phone connection kit
  • Power supply
  • Lifetime replacement warranty for the pendant
  • Additional battery for the pendant
  • Battery replacement tool
  • Lockbox

You’ll also get some paperwork that explains your lockbox and tells you what information to provide MediPendant so that the right information is passed on to EMS in the event of an emergency.


The Pendant Itself

The MediPendant itself is a rubberized pendant that contains a two-way audio speaker and full microphone. It’s designed to be a lightweight pendant but you can also wear it on your belt or as a medical bracelet.

The pendant is water resistant and works up to 600 feet away from the base station connected to your phone line. Your battery life is up to six hours of solid talk time and as much as a year in standby mode. Up to four of these devices can be connected to a single base station for use by you and your family members.

There are two great features of the pendant that make it stand out compared to the other services on the market.

  • One of our favorite features for this service is that you can have a family member or friend conferenced in on any emergency call.
  • You will also get a notification from the speaker when you move out of range from the base station – this could potentially be a lifesaving feature by preventing you from going out without protection on those shaky days.


No Phone, No Problem

MediPendant also offers an option that works without a home phone line, but at an added cost.

According to the MediPendant sales representative we spoke to, the cellular system essentially is a new cell phone line with a phone provider in your area. Because you’re getting this additional unit, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $99.95 when you set up the service.

The cellular option will also cost you an additional $9.99 per month. What’s good is that cell phone services always have an emergency 911 option because cell phone companies will share their networks with each other for 911 calls. That means your call will get through in an emergency.


Pricing and Options

There are a couple extra things that will increase your overall costs. Selecting the mobile phone option will come with a one-time technology cost of $99.95 plus a $9.99 additional monthly fee. One great thing is that you start off with a 30-day money back guarantee that covers the full cost you’ve paid.

Pricing options may vary because MediPendant is also sold online through other services and in certain stores. One of its biggest partners is Costco, which offers the pendant and six months of service for $134.99 (shipping and handling included), which is a good savings compared to going through the company itself.



Common Questions

“Is it tough to install?”

The company and its reviewers say it’s very easy to install. Simply plug in the power outlet and phone outlet, and then follow the instructions to push the proper buttons to test. Everything is color coded so it has helped users who have some trouble seeing. The process is slightly different if you go with the no-phone option, but you’ll receive detailed instructions and a phone number to call for help if you need it.
Installation Video:

“Who answers the help button?”

MediPendant operates an EMT-certified staffed call center. You’ll always get someone with strong medical knowledge when you press your help button.

“How far is the range?”

The pendant typically has a range of 600 feet from the base station. It will beep to let you know if you’ve gone too far and are no longer connected to the service.

“What battery does it use?”

The pendant uses a Li123 battery and it comes with an extra battery. If you need a third, most hardware and pharmacy stores will carry these batteries.

“What if the power goes out?”

The base unit will last up to 30 hours if the power goes out and once your electricity comes back on the unit will recharge its battery automatically.

“What if I can’t speak?”

If you can’t speak and press the emergency call, you’ll still get help. The call center operator will try to reach you and if they can’t, an ambulance will be dispatched to your home.

“How much do phone calls cost?”

The company’s service users a toll-free number so you won’t ever be charged for a phone call.




Users love its voice quality.
Users with arthritis say it is easy to hold and press the buttons.
Out of range notification from the pendant. Range is normally 600 feet.
Call center workers stay on the phone until help arrives and can conference in a family member on longer calls.
10% discount for AARP members using the AARPMED code when buying from the company online.
Offered through some third-party websites and stores, including Costco.
Works with multiple phone services and providers; it’s one of the few to provide specific names such as Ooma, Vonage, and AT&T U-Verse.
When purchasing in-store or through third-party partners, you get 6 months of service, often at a discount.




Product announces “help is on the way” when the help button is pushed and some users don’t like this.
Some users report the lockbox doesn’t open right, but they’ve been provided with free replacements.
Some consumers say it is too heavy to wear for a long time or while out grocery shopping.
No fall detection or medication reminder options.



Final Recommendation

MediPendant is a great choice for anyone who is active and wants a personal medical emergency service in their home. The range is good for the industry and the pendant offers two-way communication so you never need to be near the base unit. With its alarm that notifies you when you’ve moved out of range from the base station, it covers all of its bases. The pendant is also waterproof and priced right. The only downside is that some users say it’s heavy, but many say they get used to it over time. This is among the best personal safety options for you in your home.

We do not sell MediPendant products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

Have you tried the services from MediPendant? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alarm system to keep them safe and sound.

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