Fire and Smoke Monitoring | 101 Guide

Fire and smoke monitoring is one of the add-on services some of medical alert companies offer. Possible fire is a real hazard, especially for senior persons having limited mobility or impaired memory. In order to raise the level of safety, a user can choose to add fire and smoke detectors to his basic medical monitoring package (if such option is available).

Fire and smoke detectors are directly connected to the 24/7 monitoring center. In case of a fire, a distress call will be made immediately and the call center agents are there to help the person in need and dispatch local fire department to the exact location.

A call center agent in case of an alarm will try to get in touch with the person using the medical alert system in his home and provide instructions on how to deal with the situation.

Smoke detectors usually feature 3 AAA batteries which last up to 3 years. There is a low battery detection option, when batteries are due to be replaced. When smoke is detected, the device not only warns the call center but it also sounds a loud alarm. This alarm is loud enough to wake up the person inside the home, early enough to have time to evacuate.

Since the call center agent will get the fire alarm notification as soon as smoke is detected, it is possible to prevent major fire incidents by dispatching emergency services early or calling neighbors for help.

This feature is not offered by many companies and most of regular users might not need this feature installed. For example, home might already have smoke detectors installed by other company so the fire detection is not something that is needed when signing up for a medical alert service.


Top 4 Medical Alert Companies With This Service Available as An Add-on

Note that monitored fire/smoke detectors usually come at an additional monthly cost.

  • Alert-1 – Available. Smoke detector add-on costs $10 per month. This upgrade is available on quarterly and annual plans. Click to learn more »


Do it on yourself

You don’t have to get those fire and smoke detectors only through a medical alert company. You can also look for it on Amazon and install it all by yourself. The only downside is that the system won’t be connected to an external monitoring center once the sensor detect smoke. Click on the link below to look for fire and smoke detectors on


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