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Wall mounted button is a device featuring an emergency button used to call for help. The button works the same way a wearable pendant does. When there is an emergency, the user is supposed to press the wall mounted button in order to contact the call center in charge of taking the calls.

Wearing a pendant absolutely all the time might be challenging for some users, but one never knows when an accident might happen, which is why it is recommended to have this extra layer of protection.

The wall mounted button can easily be fixed to the wall by using Velcro adhesive tabs that are supplied with the device. The battery inside the button has a long battery life, usually 2+ years. The wall mounted button is water resistant, which makes it very suitable for placing it inside bathrooms, where there are a lot of slippery surfaces. Besides bathrooms, it is advisable to place these buttons in bedrooms, next to the bed, and also near the stairs, as those are the danger areas where most of accidents and falls might happen.

Wall mounted button is available as an additional feature when you sign up for a medical alert service, and comes at an added cost. Users can order several buttons with the system, that would be placed in different locations around the house, allowing users to have access to the help button even when they might forget their wearable pendant in another room.

The hardware inside a wall mounted help button is exactly the same as the one in the wearable help pendant. It has exactly the same function. These buttons are available on the market as seniors can get forgetful when taking off their wearable pendants, and it can become a burden to wear a help button pendant around your neck at all times. On the other hand, installing wall mounted buttons in a home in strategic locations can really make it easier for the person using the system to stay protected, while being comfortable the button will be available in every room in the home. The most common location these wall mounted buttons are installed is the bathroom, next to the shower or bathtub – within the reach.

Not all medical companies offer wall mounted help buttons as an add-on option, check with each provider to learn about the costs and installation procedure. Last time we checked, the only companies offering this service with some of their plans were:

  • LifeFone (rated in our top 5 list)
    Available at the additional cost of $39.95
    (Available only on the “At-Home Landline Package” plan)
  • Medical Guardian (rated in our top 5 list)
    Available at an additional cost of $2 per month. User can add up to 4 additional wall mounted buttons.
    (Available only on the “Classic Guardian” plan)
  • Alert-1 (rated in our top 5 list)
    Wall mounted help buttons cost $39.95.
    (Available only on the following plans: “Home Medical Alert”, “Fall Detection Package” and “Wireless Medical Alert”)
  • LifeStation (rated in our top 5 list)
    Available at an additional cost of $3.49 per month. User can add up to 6 additional wall mounted buttons and the monthly price per button goes down to $2.49 per month/per button if user adds 6 bathroom & hallway buttons to their system.
  • Galaxy (rated in our top 10 list)
    Emergency wall communicator costs $95.00
    (Available only on the “Home & Yard System” plan)

Additional Companies:

  • FreedomAlert – Available at the additional cost of $99.95.
  • Guardian Medical Monitoring – Available at an added cost.
  • Medical Care Alert – Available at the one-time cost of $60. Alternatively, can also be purchased as upgrade for $5 per month.
  • ResponseNow – Wall mounted button costs $2.95 per month. Button comes free with the annual plan.

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    Will a wall-mounted alert button still work in a power outage?

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