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MobileHelp says they were the first medical alert system brand to offer base stations that work on a cellular network. This company is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and their at-home and mobile plans work on the AT&T cellular network. MobileHelp and their products are FDA Registered, FCC Certified and UL Certified.

MobileHelp has partnered with an emergency response call center called Rapid Response for the past 25 years. Their average response time to incoming medical alert calls is 17 seconds. They have two call centers that are based in the United States.

All their medical alert systems come with two help buttons. There are no activation fees, and almost all their plans (except for the monthly plans) send the equipment to you with no shipping costs. You can add fall detection to each plan.

The battery on the neck pendant and wrist button will last for 5 years or more.



MobileHelp has three different packages:

  1. MobileHelp Classic – At Home Help
  2. MobileHelp Solo – On-the-go Help
  3. MobileHelp Duo – Complete Help

They also offer a range of accessories and add-on services.


1. MobileHelp Classic – At Home Help

  • Where to use it: At-home
  • Connection type: Cellular
  • Range: 600 feet from the base station
  • Base station: Traditional type
  • Features: Two-way communication from base station
  • Approximate price:
    • Monthly: $29.95
    • Yearly: $35 Savings w/Annual Plan & free shipping ($27.03/m)
    • Add an automatic fall detection button for $10 additional per month


How it works:

This is a traditional in-home system that works on a cellular network. Choose this plan if you only want medical alert coverage when you’re at home. The base station has a lighted display that shows the time, date and indoor temperature.


  • Emergency console with two-way speaker
  • (2) waterproof help buttons
  • 600-foot range from the base station
  • 30 hours of backup battery power



2. MobileHelp Solo – On-the-go Help

  • Where to use it: At-home and away from home
  • Connection type: Cellular
  • Range: 350 feet from the mobile base station
  • Base station: Mobile type
  • Features: Two-way speaker in portable base station
  • Approximate price:
    • Monthly: $37.95
    • Yearly: $35 Savings w/Annual Plan & free shipping ($35.03/m)
    • Add an automatic fall detection button for $10 additional per month


How it works:

The MobileHelp Solo is a medical alert system that you can use at home and away from home. It comes with a lightweight base station that’s about the size of a deck of cards. When you go out, you can carry the portable base station in your purse, pocket or clipped to your waistband. You also wear a personal alarm button on your wrist or around your neck as a pendant. If you need help, press your personal alarm button and then speak with a MobileHelp care agent through the two-way speaker on the base station.


  • Mobile base station with two-way speaker
  • (2) waterproof help buttons
  • 350-foot range from the base station


3. MobileHelp Duo – Complete Help

  • Where to use it: At-home and away from home
  • Connection type: Cellular
  • Range: 350 feet from the mobile base station, 600 from the traditional cellular base station.
  • Base station: Mobile type, traditional type
  • Features: Two-way speaker in base stations
  • Approximate price:
    • Monthly: $41.95
    • Yearly: $50 Savings w/Annual Plan & free shipping ($37.78/m)
    • Add an automatic fall detection button for $10 additional per month

How it works:

The MobileHelp Duo is the premium package from MobileHelp, and it gives you the hardware from both the MobileHelp Solo and the MobileHelp Classic. That way you can use the base station with a 600-foot range around the house. If you have a large yard, it makes sense to take the mobile unit with you when you’re out working in the yard. And of course, the MobileHelp solo is perfect to take with you anywhere you go away from home.


  • 1 base station with two-way speaker
  • (2) waterproof help buttons
  • 500-foot range from the base station
  • 30-hours of backup battery power
  • 1 Mobile base station with two-way speaker
  • (2) waterproof help buttons
  • 350-foot range from the base station

MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems
Accessories and Add-ons

MobileHelp Connect

MobileHelp offers a suite of online tools to help you and/or your authorized caregivers to take advantage of extra features, such as location services for customers using a mobile GPS medical alert system. Cost: Free for basic MobileHelp Connect.

MobileHelp Connect Premium

MobileHelp Connect Premium provides replacements for lost or damaged equipment for free or a small deductible where applicable. Additionally, the price of your medical alert service will never go up as long as you have MobileHelp Connect Premium. This service also gives you discounts of anywhere from 25 to 50 percent off the price of a range of MobileHelp items, such as fall buttons and medication reminders. You’ll also be excluded from having to pay certain future service fees. Cost: $5 per month.

Cradle Package

$1 per month

Medication Reminders

You can receive medication reminders on your medical alert system base station with MobileHelp’s Medication Reminder Service. Cost: $5 a month

Fall Button

Add fall protection to any of your plans with a fall button. The cost is $10 per month.

Wall Mount Button

Many medical alert systems like to place a wall-mount help button in their bathroom or frequently traveled hallway. Cost: $2 per month.



Products sold as one-time purchases:

Lock Box

You can place one of these lockboxes outside your door to securely hold a key. The Mobile Alert care center agent will be able to provide the combination to the lockbox to emergency responders. This costs $0 to $29.95, depending on the service plan you choose.

LED Flashlight

Light your way with this LED flashlight from MobileHelp. Cost: $14.95.

Car charger

You can charge your mobile medical alert device using your car’s cigarette charger with this item. Cost: $19.95.

Wall charger

If you’d like an extra adapter for charging your MobileHelp mobile device, you can pick up one of these. Cost: $19.95.

Leather pouch

Protect your mobile base station in style with a black leather pouch. Cost: $9.95.

Beaded lanyard

You can add a little glamor to your personal help button when you pair it with a beaded breakaway lanyard. Available in black and silver. Price: $19.95.


Common Questions

“Can I return it?”

The units all come with a 30-day, risk-free trial for a full return of your costs.

“Is there a contract?”

No. You don’t have to sign any contract or pay for any service you won’t be using.

“Do I have to buy something?”

You only pay for the service; you’ll never have to pay for the standard equipment. Extra buttons are available, but they typically cost just $1, and shipping is free.

“Does MobileHelp work outside the home?”

The service uses AT&T’s cellular network, so it will work anywhere you get a signal.

“Do I need a cell phone?”

You don’t need a cell phone for the service; the devices have their own connection and plans.

“What do I need in my home?”

The only thing you need in your home is a power outlet to plug in your base station and another outlet to plug in the charger for the mobile button.

“What is the range of the device?”

Pendants and wrist buttons work within 600 feet of the base station unit. The range of the mobile button and your pendant/wrist item is roughly 350 feet.

“Is the battery life of the buttons monitored?”

The battery in the mobile device is monitored, and the company will send an email reminder when the battery is low. The neck pendant and wrist buttons are not monitored, but they last approximately 4 – 5 years. You can get a free replacement of these when you’ve had them for three years.


30-day risk-free trial.
No penalty for cancellation.
No phone service is needed.
Reasonable price for having its own connection.
Large range.
The mobile device works with pendants and wrist buttons.
Free battery replacements.
Easy to install.
Waterproof buttons.
No contract, equipment fee or activation fee.




Few additional features
More expensive than other options
Some users report problems contacting customer service
Does not detect all falls, but that’s the same as any other fall-detection device
You must have AT&T cellular coverage in your area



Final Recommendation

MobileHelp is a very straightforward service, and it’s a solid option for anyone who wants coverage but doesn’t have a home phone line. The service works pretty well – though some users have had issues with the mobile button – but there aren’t that many extra features such as fire or carbon monoxide protection.

The service is worth purchasing if you’re very active because the mobile button system, which works with the wrist and necklace buttons, is one of the most mobile/outdoor-friendly devices we’ve seen. You should check and see how AT&T’s coverage is in your area before you purchase one, however, as the service relies on AT&T for coverage.

Reviews online can be harsh, but look at the dates of those reviews. Many are from multiple years ago, and the company has addressed a lot of these issues – including the removal of cancellation fees, problems with buttons connected to each other and more. Its quick response to these concerns and the fact that it has worked to address consumer complaints and suggestions make it a strong player in our book.

We do not sell MobileHelp products, only review them. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

Have you tried the services from MobileHelp? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alert system to keep them safe and sound.


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