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Check-in service is one of the add-ons some of the medical alert companies offer. When the user signs up for this service, he will be receiving scheduled check-in calls (usually on a daily basis) from the call center operators. An operator will call to check the status of the person using the service, check if everything is fine and if he needs any assistance.

This service might be useful for some of the users who need extra protection and attention. This service is not one of the standard add-ons that medical alert companies offer, rather only a limited number of companies provide it.


So how much will it cost you?

The service comes at an added cost, usually charged on monthly basis. It is worth noting that many times the price includes fixed monthly subscription cost plus additional service charges that cover the length of the calls made during the given month, which can vary from month to month.

Family members often get this service for their loved ones if they feel an extra layer of protection is needed, in addition to the regular medical alert service. For example, if there is a concern the help button might not be enough or that a user might not be able to press it in emergency situation, a check-in call service can help ensure the emergency situation is detected as soon as possible, as the call center agents will be having a regular contact with the person using the service. Also, if there is a deteriorating medical situation from day to day, the call center agents might be able to alert family members or caregivers about it.


Human Vs. Robot

Some companies offer automated check-in call service where there is a daily call the user needs to answer in order to confirm that everything is fine. This is done via machine and is not that reliable or useful. Lastly, some base units have a check-in call service integrated where user needs to press the help button each time there is an alarm, all in order to confirm that he is responsive and that no assistance is needed.


Final Say

When signing up for a check-in service which comes as an add-on to some of the medical alert systems, it is important to check with the company about the exact costs of the service and what is exactly included in the service. Check how many calls are included, in which time intervals the calls will be made, also if live call center agents will be making the calls or the system is automated. These are all important information needed, before making a decision to sign up for such service.

List of companies offering this service:

Last time we checked, only the following companies had check-in service options in some of their plans as an add-on.

  • GreatCall (From our top 10 list) – Standard check-in call service costs $4 per month + airtime charges for each call. Urgent Care add-on which provides 24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors assistance costs additional $4 per month.
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  • RescueAlert – Available at the cost of $3 per month. Reminder service costs $8 per month + $0.20 per call.
    Company full review »
  • LifeBeacon – Online tracking portal access for family and caretakers costs $5.99 per month.
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  • Guardian Medical Monitoring – Reminders can be programmed into the base station unit.
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  • QMedic Health – Smart features of the system track activity and user’s wellness and provide reports via text messages or emails.
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