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ResponseNow Medical Alert Systems is a low-cost personal emergency response system that provides great basic protection and can be customized with additional features to meet your personal needs.

ResponseNow uses a network of agents to sell its service, similar to the way you’d buy car insurance or a home security system from someone like ADT. This means that you’ll be working with a local representative for much of your assistance, but the main company sets up the call center and major support.

ResponseNow system is registered as a “home healthcare signaling device” by Underwriters Laboratories, a company that provides product safety certifications and assurances.




ResponseNow follows industry best practices with a single button press needed to connect you to an emergency service response call center. The service offers models that need a landline phone as well as those that use a cellular network to deliver your call.

All customers get their equipment without any additional costs and the company doesn’t require any long-term contracts. If you do choose to opt for an annual or quarterly plan, the company will refund you any money for unused months if you no longer want or need the service. You will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime price guarantee.

The product lineup is largely based on two options, either your home or an anywhere model.


In-Home Options

The ResponseNow In The Home system is a traditional in-home medical alert and assistance system. It connects to your home phone line and power line. If you opt for the available cellular model, you’ll only need a power plug connection.

The console base station has a large red help button and a small green reset button, both of which users say are easy to press. By default you’ll also get a single help button that can be worn either as a pendant or as a wristwatch with a pin and band kit.

Simply plug the unit into your wall (and phone line if necessary) and press the reset button. The console will light up and make an introductory call and then you’re all set. This console services are your communication portal with response professionals, and has a very powerful microphone and speaker for maximum assistance.

Although the consoles themselves are very load and can have a long coverage space, the company recommends that you put it in a central and open space to maximize how much reach your console will get.

You can also add in a variety of extra options from a fall pendant, DSL filter, lock box, and a hallway pendant.

The in-home solution also has an option for those who do not have a home phone line with traditional phone plugs in the wall. The ResponseNow Wireless unit operates with the normal pendants and wall buttons but it uses the T-Mobile network, with no additional cellular service or account required on your part.

This unit also works with homeowners who have a Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) phone line. The ResponseNow Wireless alarm dials help through the T-Mobile cellular network and will connect you with the ResponseNow emergency team in less than 30 seconds.

ResponseNow adds the wireless option to its regular packages – instead of listing it as a completely separate offering – so you’ll want to select the option on the order form. It typically ads $12 per month to the cost of the service and includes a $50 one-time activation fee.


The Anywhere

ResponseNow has expanded its mobile unit with a new ResponseNow Anywhere model that is slightly larger than a quarter and uses a phone-like SIM card and T-Mobile network to get you help no matter where you go.

In case you’re outside of your home often, this pendant may be a big help for you. In an emergency, press the button and the device will use T-Mobile’s network to determine your location and transmit that to the call center as it places your call.

This service also helps with users who have trouble remembering where they may be or have the potential to get lost in their neighborhood.

The best part about this pendant is that it’s compatible with most existing plans for the ResponseNow service. This means you get the right protection for you or your loved ones.


Fall Detection

More than 30% of people over the age of 65 and 50% of people over the age of 80 will fall this year.

To address this health concern, ResponseNow also offers an automatic fall pendant that is designed to detect falls and not trigger false alarms from normal daily activities. The pendant is 2.3-by-1.65-by-0.75 inches, making it incredibly small, but it can still be used to call for help either automatically or by pressing the traditional “Help” button located on the pendant.

The fall detection service can distinguish between you sitting down or watching TV on the couch and a quick fall in the tub or bathroom. As soon as a fall is detected, an emergency call will be placed and come through your base station.

To prevent false detections or avoid calling an ambulance when you only stumble, the pendant calculates if a fall uses enough force to cause you to lay motionless for 50 seconds. The 50-second delay not only stops false alarms but it provides you with time to make the call yourself.

If you fall and the unit detects the time limit, it will begin to beep. After 10 to 30 seconds the beeps will become less frequent and the emergency call will be placed to emergency services.


The Talking Pendant

If you want to have the conversation in your pocket instead of at a base station, you can add a talking pendant to all available ResponseNow plans, including its Wireless system.

With this unit, you’ll speak directly into the pendant after you press the button or after the fall detection unit sends out a signal. The unit’s two-way microphone and speaker in the pendant cam pick up faint sounds and will be used to communicate with you or for the response provider to determine what your situation is like. Listening allows the responder to have a better understanding of your situation and can help them listen for different sounds if you’re unresponsive – such as running water if you’ve fallen in the bathroom.


Pricing and Features

Pricing options vary for the ResponseNow platform give you different options and you’re typically saving more by going for a larger plan. You also get more freebies with longer contracts.

ResponseNow Pricing

Annual PlanQuarterly PlanMonthly Plan
Anywhere Models
$34.95 per month$37.95 per month$34.95 per month
$454.40 per year$148.85 per quarter$74.95 on the first month
$35 activation fee$35 activation fee$35 activation fee
Free shippingFree shipping$14.95 shipping
In-Home Models
$24.95 per month$27.95 per month$29.95 per month
$299.40 per year$83.85 per quarter$29.95 every month
Free shippingFree shipping$14.95 shipping
Free lockboxFree lockbox

Free spouse monitoring

Free hallway button


If you want additions to your service, ResponseNow offers you a variety of different add-ons. Some of the most popular options are:

  • ResponseNow Wireless unit: $50 activation and $12 per month.
  • Fall detector: $11.95 per month.
  • Medication Reminders: $9.95 per month.
  • Extra lockbox: $3.95 per month.
  • Extra pendant: $2.95 per month.
  • Room and hallway button: $2.95 per month.
  • Spouse monitoring: $2.95 per month.
  • Talking Pendant: $9.95 per month.

Common Questions

“Who is ResponseNow?”

ResponseNow is a national company that has more than 30 years of safety and medical device equipment

“What’s the shipping time?”

Shipping takes place the same day you order for the most part and will arrive in around a week.

“How do I install my system when it arrives?”

Each system comes with a specific installation document that is tailored to your specific set of products and features.

“What if I decide that the service is not for me?”

There is a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. Upon receipt of the equipment, we’ll refund your full plan payment. Any unused time will be refunded if you return it after the 30 day period, though some charges may apply.

“What if I press it by accident?”

Just let the responders know and you won’t be charged.




Lots of great extras.
Annual and quarterly plans are refunded for unused months in the event you no longer want or needs the service.
Local representatives to handle basic support.
No price increase once service is started.
30 day money-back guarantee.
Fall detection pendant available.
Free shipping on all annual and quarterly plans.
Easy setup.




Some costs will mount over time, such as the $3.95 monthly charge for the lockbox.
The range of the service is unclear.
Decentralized company means it can be hard to get help on your specific home setup.
Some users have received faulty equipment when it is initially shipped, though the company provided a free replacement.
The local dealer network has upset some customers because they’ve had to go through the dealer first and then through the company’s main customer service network to get questions answered.



Final Recommendation

ResponseNow offers a lot of great services and additions, making it a great option for anyone. Costs are low and you can include a fall pendant or medication reminders delivered through your talking pendant or base station. It’s a growing service without a lot of presence online. It will use a local dealer to finalize your sale, so individual experiences with the company tend to vary and some customers are much happier than others.

There aren’t really many downsides to the service, expect costs can get high if you take advantage of all the add-ons available to you.



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