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Important Note: Due to changing business conditions, Care Innovations will no longer be offering the Link-Mobile system for sale, and will end all monitoring services for this product effective June 30, 2016. We are providing full refunds of the equipment purchase price for systems purchased within the last year and refunds for all funds paid for systems purchased within the last 30 days.

Care Innovations is a company powered by Intel Corporation and GE that brings quality medical alert solutions to the market. The products are named “Link” and are designed in such a way that they are both easy to use and reliable. Since growing older imposes a lot of issues for some people, especially those living alone, having a personal emergency response system has become a great way to live independently and still feel safe.

This company brings two medical alert products to the market: a landline system that is suitable for in-home use and a fully mobile solution for those who require full protection even outside of their home. These products ensure that seniors remain protected and safe while living independent lives.



How Does It Work?

Seniors living independent lives often find it difficult to cope with all the challenges their age or developing health issues bring along. Family members are not always in a position to take full-time care of their loved ones. Statistics show that seniors who are 65 or older are at a significant risk of experiencing a fall. When a person lives alone, falling can prove to be disastrous. If the help is not received in the one-hour period, chances of successful recovery diminish greatly, yet hospital bills rise.

This is why medical alert services such as Link are popular among seniors or family members looking to make their parent’s lives safer. Medical alert service consists of a help button, which when pressed summons help immediately using the landline or cellular connection built into the base unit or the help button device itself. Trained call center agents answer the calls and assess each emergency in order to take appropriate actions. Link medical alert system comes in two versions, one that is home based and other one that is fully mobile, which means that regardless where you are, you can feel safe with the assistance being a push of a button away.



Plans and Pricing


1. Link – personal emergency response system

The system is priced at $24.95 per month with free shipping included.

This is an in-home system that needs a landline to operate. The user receives a base station unit that needs to be placed in a central location in the home. This is because the two-way speaker built into it is used for the communication with the call center in case of the emergency. There is also a wearable, waterproof help button included that user needs to wear all the time. This button connects to the base station wirelessly and when the user presses the button, a call is automatically made to the monitoring center where agents are waiting to take care of any emergency. The help button can be worn as a necklace pendant or attached to a wrist with an included band.

The range of the system is around 300 feet from the base station, this is why it is important to place the base station unit in a strategic location in the home. Usually, a living room is a good spot as the user will spend most of the time there. In the case of a power failure, the system will continue to operate using a built-in backup battery in the base station. This battery should outlast any power failure as it is rated at 30 hours. If more than one person in a home needs protection, an additional help button can be bought for a spouse at a price of $4 per month.


  • Wearable, waterproof help button
  • The base station unit with around 300 feet range
  • Built-in backup battery in case of power failure
  • Additional help button for a spouse
  • Free ground shipping
  • No activation fee
  • No cancelation fee



2. Link Mobile – mobile medical alert system

The mobile system comes in two versions, depending on the features included:

  • Link Mobile Personal Edition is priced at $29.95
  • Link Mobile Professional Edition is priced at $44.95

This is a fully mobile medical alert system solution that does not require a landline to work. Instead, it uses a cellular network for connection. This means that the system can be used both inside the home, and outside of it – anywhere where there is cellular network coverage available.

The system consists of a “clip” unit which is a compact and mobile base station. There is also a help button wristband and a charging dock included. The system works in the same manner as the landline version of it, with the difference that it is fully mobile. When on the go, the user needs to take both a help button wristband and a “clip” unit with him. The clip unit is a base station and there is a built-in two-way voice speaker on it that is used for communication. Communication clip should always be taken when on the go. The range of operation between help button and the clip unit is around 150 ft. Fully charged clip will lasts up to 3 days while help button wristband will operate up to two weeks before it needs charging.

When it comes to functionality, the main difference between personal and professional edition is that personal version does not include access to a call center. Instead, calls are routed directly to family, friends or neighbors. This is important to note as if the user needs access to a call center, he would need to purchase the more expensive professional edition.

This system is great for those seniors who like to take long walks or leave their home often. The system is waterproof and features GPS tracking as well as automatic fall detection. Automatic fall detection can detect falls and dial for help automatically. If a person loses consciousness or cannot reach the help button, the call will be made automatically.

The system requires an activation fee ($99), which is common for all mobile systems operating over cellular network and equipment purchase that costs $199. Equipment purchase is not common with other service providers.


  • Help button and a “clip” which operates as a base unit
  • The range of the clip unit is 150 feet
  • Completely mobile solution that works over cellular network
  • Free ground shipping
  • Additional costs include activation fee ($99) and equipment charge ($199)
  • No cancelation fee
  • Personal edition does not include access to the call center




Common Questions

“What is the range of the home base unit?”

The range of the base unit is around 300 feet, and it can be up to 390 feet, depending on the structure of the house. Since many different factors affect the range of the base unit, a test is conducted by Link Medical Alert when you sign up for the service.

“What is the typical response time?”

The typical response time needed for users to get in touch with the call center operators is under one minute.

“Who is called first when there is an emergency?”

The call center agent has to assess the situation and determine whether it is urgent to send local emergency services to help the person in need, or it would be enough to alert the family and neighbors who are listed as personal responders when the user signs up for the service.

“What happens if the user is unable to open the door?”

Depending on the level of emergency, the personal responder from the user profile (such as neighbor) can be called to open the door or the emergency responders may break in. In these situations, it might be helpful to have a lock box, in which case the call center agent would have the code available in the user profile.

“What happens if the user presses a button by accident?”

There is a reset button that can be pressed to cancel the call. If it is too late, the user should explain that the call was made by accident.

“What happens if the call center agent does not hear the user through the base unit?”

In this case, the call center agent will try calling the user on a phone, and if there is no answer still, the call center agent will assume that the user is unable to take the call or communicate, which means that local emergency service will be sent to the location.

“Is there a long-term contract?”

No, this service is paid on month-to-month basis.




Modern design of both landline and mobile version of the system
Free ground shipping
Mobile system that works anywhere where there is cellular network coverage
Fall detection
GPS tracking
Activity tracking and online reports for caretakers and family members
Advanced Intel and GE powered technology





Mobile system uses two components (clip unit and wristband) for operation instead of only one
In-home system does not feature fall detection
No cellular version of the in-home system available
No add-on features such as smoke detectors or medication reminders available
Personal edition of the mobile system does not include call center access
Costly activation and equipment purchase fees for the mobile system



Company Info

Care Innovations is an interesting joint between Intel and GE – both very innovative companies that have lots of experience in health and technology industries. The company was founded on January 3, 2011. They have developed QuietCare technology that uses smart sensors in their devices to track daily activity and provide wellness reports to caretakers and family members via online portal. This kind of technology can also be used to prevent emergency situations by alerting caretakers well in advance when things take turn in the wrong direction, by regularly monitoring activity patterns and spotting changes.



Call Center

Care Innovations run a US based call center and their trained operators stay on the line until the help arrives. There are two call centers available in different locations, preventing any downtime in case of natural disasters or similar events. Call center agents can provide help in many different languages. The call center is UL, FM and Five Diamond certified 24/7 emergency monitoring center.



Final Recommendation

Care Innovations bring us the latest Intel and GE powered medical alert technologies to our homes. There are two systems available, in-home and fully mobile one that works anywhere. Both systems have all the necessary features one would need for protection and safe independent living. In-home system works over a traditional landline, while mobile system uses cellular network for connectivity. Mobile system is practical and besides standard features, it has advanced motion tracking and fall detection sensors built in.

We do not sell Link (Care Innovations) products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at for Home System, and at for Mobile On-the-go (with GPS) System.

Have you tried the services from Link (Care Innovations)? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alarm system to keep them safe and sound.

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