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Rescue Alert is a medical monitoring system differentiates itself by providing you with an option to purchase your equipment and service outright for a one-time fee or by paying a monthly cost. Depending on how long you plan on using the service, you can see savings going either route.

Rescue Alert has created all of its own products and services and runs its own call centers with EMD-certified personnel—that’s the same certification your 911 operator needs.

While its total offerings may be somewhat limited, it offers a lot of products and pricing options plus support for 150 languages.

Another nice feature is that some of its base stations operate for up to 90 hours on their battery, which is among the longest backup battery life in the industry. This is the first product on our list that also offers a reminder service – called “RA Minders” – to help you remember to take your medicine or perform other tasks. You can add a medication dispenser to your order and this will help you take your pills correctly for 28 days.



Depending on your needs and your budget, Rescue Alert offers a variety of different products and services to meet your needs. All services use the same response center and the different packages only offer different base units. That means that you’ll always have the same panic button either on your wrist or as a pendant around your neck.

The “Panic Buttons” are all waterproof and have roughly a 600 foot range to the base unit. They can also be configured to work with as many as eight different medical alert bracelets. When you press these buttons, the button also reports its status so that the company can constantly monitor its ability to answer your call quickly. One panic button is included with every order, but additional items can be purchased at any time.



The RA400 is the older model that’s available from Rescue Alert and it’s stayed around because the device is very efficient and offers you as long as 90 hours of protection in the event of a power outage.

The base station provides a clear, loud speaker and it offers a very strong mic to help the rescue personnel hear you. This unit will automatically test itself every 25 to 30 days and is covered by the company’s 30-day risk-free guarantee.

The device can also monitor its own internal battery, the battery of the panic button and the status of your telephone line. If there is any issue with these, it will alert you and the Rescue Alert call center system. This unit starts as low as $21.95 per month. You don’t pay shipping, activation or installation fees.

  • $28.95 Per Month (Billed Monthly)
  • $24.95 Per Month (Billed Quarterly)
  • $21.95 Per Month (Billed Annually)




The MXD is Rescue Alert’s latest line of home base stations and contains updated service options to be completely compatible with VoIP and cable company phone service.

The unit is an improvement on the RA400’s speed and offers you a connection to a help professional within seconds of pressing your help button. It has kept the same strong microphone and speaker, but opts for an easier “HELP” button and less displays on the base unit.

When there is an issue with the system or its checks find a problem you can correct, it will issue voice prompts instead of showing text. The MXD also allows you to add in monitoring of your medication. By connecting to the company’s medication dispenser, you can get help remembering to take your medication over a 28-day period. This means you’ve got a helpful reminder to take your medication and you’ve got someone to talk with about your medication when you have any problem.

The device can also monitor its own internal battery, the battery of the panic button and the status of your telephone line. If there is any issue with these, it will alert you and the Rescue Alert call center system. This unit starts as low as $29.95 per month. You don’t pay shipping, activation or installation fees.

  • $32.95 Per Month (Billed Monthly)
  • $29.95 Per Month (Billed Quarterly)
  • $29.95 Per Month (Billed Annually)




The MXD3G model is Rescue Alert’s answer to the lack of a home phone line. Many people are ditching home phones in favor of cell phones and this unit uses a 3G connection to contact medical services. The only difference between its operation and the other MXD model is that this uses AT&T’s cellular network. Because of the increased cost for maintaining that connection, this item starts out at a cost of $37.95 per month.


  • $42.95 Per Month (Billed Monthly)
  • $39.95 Per Month (Billed Quarterly)
  • $37.95 Per Month (Billed Annually)



Quick Comparison

Product Comparisons RA400 MXD
Compatible with regular
telephone connection
Yes Yes
Compatible with VoIP and
Cable telephone connections
No Yes
Panic button range 600 ft. 600 ft.
Backup Battery Life 90 hours 60 hours
Compatible with DSL Yes – filter required Yes – filter required
Automatic monthly testing Yes Yes
Automatic weekly test No Yes
Voice messages and prompts No Yes
Connects to a medication dispenser No Yes



The company offers a series of accessories that can help you better use their service or tailor it to your specific needs. The company touts these accessories as its best sellers:

  • RA911 emergency cell phone for only 911-service: $24.95 per month.
  • 27″ Sterling Silver Necklace with magnetic clasp: $19.95.
  • Lock Box for your door: price not listed.
  • MedReady medication dispenser that can work with the MXD line: price varies.
  • Line Grabber extension to make your system reach longer and connect both a phone and the base unit to the same outlet: price varies.



Optional Features

The company’s services have a series of other options you can add to each service:

  • Domestic Violence Monitoring: If you’re concerned about domestic violence, you can opt for silent medical alert items that will also send out any emergency response information, and the police will be linked in to the call. When you select this option, police are always notified when you press the button.
  • Personalized RA Minders: You can set up reminders to help you take medication, perform blood tests or do other services. You can have them set up for a single day, week or even multiple times a day. This service also includes welfare checks. The reminder service is either $8 per month or $0.20 per call.
  • AC Power Failure Detection & Reporting: Each unit can detect when the AC Power is lost and when its internal battery is low. You’ll get a message in either situation and it will also contact the response center to have a representative talk with you about the problem. They can assist with finding service or help in the event of a power outage.


Common Questions

“Is there a long-term contract?”

You will have a month-to-month contract but this can be cancelled at any time. You can also choose a longer contract that will have a reduced cost.

“Is monitoring 24/7?”

Yes, monitoring is all day, every day of the year.

“Is it water proof?”

The pendants are designed to be worn in the bath or shower, so you’re always protected.

“What if it can’t hear me?”

If you cannot answer the help personnel on the base station, they will immediately contact EMS and send paramedics to your home.

“Where is the response center?”

Rescue Alert is located in South Jordan, Utah, near Salt Lake City.

“Is it only for a medical emergency?”

No. The company can help with many things and says only 6% of its calls are medical emergencies.



30-day risk-free guarantee
EMD-certified call centers
No long-term contract
Lots of extra features
Quick response times
Monthly testing
Water proof
Average reach
Very long battery life when power goes out
Tiered pricing structure


Not all costs are easy to find online
Some users say customer service is not helpful
Cancellation fee after a certain period
Lacks fire or CO protection
Must pay for spouse monitoring
Each additional service costs extra
Only one monitoring center


Final Recommendation

Overall, Rescue Alert is a very well-known and trusted company in terms of medical alerts and services. It offers a lot of customized options and the pill or other reminders are a great addition for any home. The EMD-certified call center operators also can add a lot of peace of mind for anyone who may need help with multiple ailments or health issues.


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