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There has been a technology trend lately focused on making our homes smarter. Smart homes or connected homes is just a synonym for new technologies finding use in our everyday home activities.

Why do you need it?

Seniors can certainly benefit from these technologies and one of the highly useful, yet affordable gadgets are the motion sensing lights. Walking around the home in dark is never safe, and it becomes a real danger for seniors with different medical conditions. When it comes to improving safety of our home, installing motion sensing lights can make a huge difference.

Combining the motion sensing lights with a medical alert system is a great way to make the home safer and ultimately allow seniors a more independent life in their own home.


How does it work?

As their name implies, these lights consist of motion sensors that can detect movement. As soon as the movement is detected, the light is automatically turned on.

These lights can be installed in strategic locations in the home, usually those rooms or corridors that have dark spots.

Installing the lights close to stairways, steps or other dangerous zones can prevent fall accidents.

The lights come with two components: the light and the motion sensor. The sensor does not necessarily need to be placed close to the light it triggers. Lights are often LED ones and come with their own fixtures.



Availability & Installation

Motion sensing lights are not included in a standard medical alert systems package (last time we checked, ONLY ADT Health company offered this add-on to their medical alert service plans).

No worries! Usually, the lights can to be installed by yourself or by a qualified person, depending on the location and type of product you need (there are some lights that can be installed easily by the user, like the portable battery-powered motion sensing lights – as you can see below in the image).


Top 5 Types of Motion Sensing Light Solutions

The lights and sensors come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the intended usage. The most popular are the following:

1. Portable (battery-powered) motion sensing lights
Fully portable motion sensing lights that use batteries for operation. These kinds of lights are very useful for illuminating the porch or garden or any other area where there is no option to plug in the light or providing continuous power source (bathrooms, hallways, stairways, steps, etc.)


2. Portable (corded-electric) motion sensing lights
Those light can be plugged into your wall electrical outlets. These kinds of lights are very useful for in-house spots with continuous power source (living room, kitchen etc.)




3. Smart light bulbs
Smart light bulbs have an integrated motion sensor inside and which are extremely easy to install as they use existing light sockets. The main advantage is the continuous power source, so you don’t need to replace batteries once in a while.



4. Motion Sensing Light Socket
Those sockets also have an integrated motion sensor inside and which are extremely easy to install as they also use the existing light sockets. This solution is great because you can use this new light socket with EVERY standard light bulbs you have, and still earn the benefits of the motion sensors.



5. Solar powered lights
Finally, there are also solar powered lights that are designed for external usage only. These lights are waterproof and charged automatically when exposed to sunlight.




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