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One Call Alert has three personal emergency response services that can help seniors at home or out and about town. The company has been in the medical space for more than 20 years and has picked up top acclaim for its senior care products, including a Consumers Digest Top Value award in July, 2014.

Services from One Call Alert follow the standard model of pressing a button, connecting to a base station, and then being connected directly to a care professional. However, it breaks this mold with some packages that offer direct communication through the wearable pendant. You can get options that work with your home unit or even a GPS and cellular-based product that will give you support anywhere you go – when the T-Mobile service isn’t available, it will call the nearest 911 service.



One Call Alert offers addresses two common uses with two different models to keep you safe whether you’re at home or on the go:

  • In-Home (Landline/Wireless) Solution.
  • ResCubeTM Mobile Solution.

The in-home and mobile systems all connect to the same service and provide you with high-quality call service for daily use.

One thing that sets the service apart from others is that you have the option to upgrade from a traditional call-button pendant to a two-way talking pendant that allows you to directly contact the One Call Alert Emergency Operator on duty, even if you’re outside.


1. In-Home Solutions

Two of the One Call Alert products fall in the category of an in-home solution, connecting you through a base station to emergency-trained personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The main difference between the two in-home products is that one will connect to your home phone telephone while the other option, which is slightly more expensive, operates wirelessly on the T-Mobile network.

This means that installation is slightly different, but you won’t need to purchase any kind of cellular data or phone plan to use the wireless service.

Features of both packages include:

  • Alert Base Station plugs in to any power outlet
  • Large, easy-to-press Help and Reset buttons.
  • Call button can be worn as pendant or wristband
  • Ability to upgrade to 2-Way Talking Pendant
  • 600 feet of coverage for the traditional button
  • 450 feet of coverage for the 2-Way Talking Pendant
  • 32-hour battery backup
  • High-output base station speaker and ultra-sensitive microphone
  • Ability to travel with you and work in hotel rooms or the homes of your friends and family
  • Regular pendants are waterproof
  • Buttons have a 5-year battery life

These systems will provide you with a quick way to get help if you need it. Pushing any help button will connect you directly with an emergency operator who will provide you with the right assistance, whether that’s getting in touch with your family and doctor or calling paramedics for your emergency needs.

Optional upgrade: 2-Way Talking Pendant

The One Call Alert 2-Way Talking Pendant is a smart option for any active senior, though it does add a small cost to your monthly package. It’s lightweight and designed for use as a pendant more than a watch.

Pressing its button will send the call through your base station but provide you with the ability to talk to the One Call Alert Emergency Operator through a microphone and speaker built into the pendant.

It provides enough range to reach throughout a large home or even out in the yard. The two-way communication option means that you’ll always be able to speak with an emergency operator and get the right medical or other assistance when you need it. You can now avoid the base station calling an ambulance when you just need a little help from your family to get back in from the yard.


2. ON THE GO – ResCube Mobile Options

ResCube is a mobile service pendant that you wear to get personal emergency service response no matter where you go.

This was rated as a Consumer Digest Top Value for Personal Emergency Response Systems in that brand’s July 2014 issue.

Once you charge the mobile pendant, simply slip it on and you’re good to go. It connects to the T-Mobile network and will call the One Call Alert Emergency call center with the push of a button. The pendant is super lightweight, about as heavy as an AA battery, and it’s the size of many car keys and fobs. It’s also safe to wear in the shower.

When you need emergency or medical help, simply press its button and talk directly through the pendant itself. You don’t need any type of base station or other device to maintain your connection. That means no matter where you go, you’ll always be connected through the T-Mobile phone network.


Some important specifications of the ResCube mobile include:

  • Battery charge lasts up to two months.
  • Device self-tests every day.
  • When the battery gets low, it will flash a light to you and send you an email to remind you to charge it.
  • Whenever you press its help button, the service users GPS and cellular data information to track your location in the event of an emergency where you’re unable to speak.
  • If you’re in an area with no T-Mobile service coverage, the ResCube can still operate. In this event, it will contact the nearest 911 service and try to send out your location information when it connects you with an operator.


Pricing Options

As with many of the services we’ve reviewed, One Call Alert offers a variety of different pricing models and you’ll typically see a larger savings with the longer contracts. The company also provides different benefits with each type of contract; these are laid out below the table.

In terms of the extras you get, monthly subscribers will get free equipment with no activation fee and a cancel-anytime contract option.

If you choose the quarterly plan, you get the same benefits as monthly subscribers as well as free shipping to your home. You’ll also get a free bonus pendant in both the necklace and wristband options.

Finally, annual subscribers get all the benefits above as well as a free lock box that you can use with your system. This additional lock box is a $35 value, according to the company.


Common Questions

“Who answers the calls?”

Calls are answered by the company’s Emergency Operators in one of its Professional Emergency Monitoring Centers. The staff is trained in a variety of emergency response situations to meet your needs.

“Who is contacted in an emergency?”

When you sign up, you’ll provide One Call Alert with the names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts. Your operator will ask you who to contact on this list if it is determined that you don’t need immediate medical attention. Anyone you select on the notification list when signing up will be contacted via email or text whenever you have an emergency, along with details. This means your family can always know if something happens.

“Can you provide service to rural areas?”

Typically, yes. The company’s landline option works anywhere in the U.S. where a phone line is present and T-Mobile has a large network with rural coverage. If you’re concerned, contact the company directly to discuss service in your area.

“What are the extra fees?”

The company doesn’t require any contract and you don’t face any cancellation or other fees. Everything is covered in your service payment and even the calls themselves are placed toll-free.

“Can I set up the system myself?”

Setup takes just a few minutes and One Call Alert can even assist you over the phone if the package instructions are not clear enough.

“What if I move?”

The One Call Alert System is designed to be moved with you anywhere in the U.S. The only thing you need to do is provide the company with your new address and updated emergency contact list. They recommend you provide them with any moving details or if you’re going on a trip that will last longer than two weeks.

“How often should I charge the ResCube?”

The battery can last up to two months without a recharge, so you’ll want to stay alert for its flashing or emails that tell you the battery is low. Be sure to keep the charger in a memorable place since you can go for a long time between charges.

“Can I wear them in the shower?”

The ResCube and other pendants are safe for the shower, but the ResCube and two-way pendants are not recommended for use in a bath or the pool. Other pendants can be used in these situations.




Very upfront pricing
Mobile support for help while you’re out and about
No installation required
No activation fee
No contracts
Landline and wireless home systems
Free equipment
Pricing options as low as $24.95 per month




No additional fall or medication monitoring services
Plans are moderately expensive
Some users have reported slow customer service support



Final Recommendation

One Call Alert is a quality personal emergency system that gives you good coverage for your home, yard, or when you’re out on the town. With clear and competitive pricing and the two-way communication options on its pendants and mobile system, you’re looking at a great service. The one downside is a lack of fall detection, but the broad length of its coverage makes up for any concern there.

We do not sell One Call Alert products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

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