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Safe Life Senior company provides a medical alert service. This company is built on the belief that everyone deserves to live a comfortable and independent life in their own home. More than 80% seniors wish to keep living in their own home as opposed to staying with relatives or in assisted living homes. Getting older or developing different medical conditions are factors which can make it really difficult for some to keep living independently and safely in their own home.

There are a few ways to make independent living possible and one of them is surely through the use of medical alert service such as one by Safe Life Senior.

The core of every medial alert service system is the wearable pendant with a button a person can press in the times of need. When emergency strikes, there is usually very little time to call for help. In most cases though there is just enough time to press the button on the pendant if anything goes wrong. By pressing the button, user sends a distress signal to the response center available 24/7. An operator then immediately takes appropriate actions to ensure that the protected person gets swift assistance. Medical alert services like this one can provide additional layers of safety to those using the system and ultimately make the independent living possible.



So How Does It Work?

Medical alert services are a popular way of helping seniors and others with different medical conditions feel safer and more protected when living independent lives. These services are often used by caretakers and family to ensure the well-being of their loved ones.

Medical alert services usually consist of a base station that is at the heart of the system and a wearable pendant. Wearable pendant device is wireless and features a help button. For some seniors it can be hard to accept that they do need help. They might refuse to wear the device at first but as soon as they truly understand how the system works, how easy to use it is yet how crucial it can be in case of emergency – they usually embrace it. Safe Life Senior offers a variety of products which we’ll present in more details in this review but what is important to mention right away is that once the help button is pressed – there is a response center on call 24/7 ready to assess the nature of the emergency and take appropriate action. The response team might dispatch local emergency services to the location or call family members, neighbors etc.



Plans and Pricing

Safe Life Senior offers a range of medical alert products.


1. Wireless systems

1.1 Wireless Auto Alert priced at $56.95 per month

This is a system that does not require a phone landline to function. This system works via AT&T wireless network. It is called auto alert as it features a fall detection technology. This means that the system is able to detect falls and call for help even when the person is unable to push the help button or is unconscious.


  • Two-way voice communicator
  • Backup battery
  • Fall detection technology
  • Wireless pendant
  • Base station


1.2 Wireless traditional medical alert priced at $41.95 per month

This system is designed for those looking for a standard medical alert service who do not have a phone landline available for system usage. This wireless system uses AT&T wireless network for all communication. This version of the system does not include fall detection technology.


  • Two-way voice communicator
  • Backup battery
  • Wireless pendant
  • Base station



2. Landline systems

2.1 Landline auto alert priced at $44.95 per month

This system uses a phone landline for all communication. There is a fall detection technology built in the wearable pendant. It detects changes in height, pressure and measures acceleration to detect falls. If the help button is not pressed, yet there is no movement for more than 30 seconds a response center will be alerted automatically. This system makes sure the help will be on the way if the person wearing the pedant has an accident and cannot recover.


  • Fall detection technology
  • Base station

It is important to note that this system does not feature two-way voice communicator, instead the system uses the base station to communicate with the user via built in speakerphone. This is the reason why there is a voice extender device available as an add-on. This is a portable speakerphone unit which can be installed anywhere in the home where there is a landline. This makes sure the person in need will be heard and is able to communicate with the response center in case of the emergency.

2.2 Landline traditional medical alert priced at $29.95 per month

This is a standard system which requires a landline to function. This version of the system does not include fall detection technology. The protected person receives a wearable pendant that has a help button on it. When the button is pressed, a call center operator will get in touch with the person in need in less than 60 seconds. Response center operators are trained to handle any kind of emergency and to take appropriate actions such as dispatching emergency teams, notifying family members, friends or neighbors.


  • Wearable help button pendant available in multiple forms and designs
  • Base station

Wearable pendant does not feature two-way voice communication. This is why it is important to place the base station in the central position in the house. Base station features a speakerphone that will be used for communication in case of emergency. There is also a voice extender unit available as additional purchase. Voice extender is a unit featuring powerful speakerphone that can be installed in any room that has a phone landline jack available.

Smoke detector add-on is available at $15 per month fee



3. GoSafe mobile help button systems

3.1 GoSafe for use with landline service priced at $54.95 per month

This is a mobile help button system with 6 location technologies built in. The pendant is waterproof and supports two-way voice communication via built in microphone and speaker. It features an array of different tracking technologies which make this device great for those who like to have service both at home and outside of it.


  • Two-way voice communicator
  • GPS tracking
  • When on the move, device leaves a “digital track” behind. This feature allows call center agents to find the “last known” position in case other tracking technologies fail
  • WiFi location
  • Audio beacon feature is an alarm which can be activated by the call center and which can be used by emergency staff on the ground to locate you
  • Home detection feature knows when the device is used at home


3.2 GoSafe for use with wireless service priced at $64.95 per month

This is a mobile help button system that can also operate outdoors. Landline is not required for this device to work. It comes equipped with six tracking technologies. This kind of device is not only used by seniors, rather other people who consider they might get in a situation where assistance is needed. Hikers, climbers or children who walk to their school and need additional layer of protection often use this system.

It is worth noting that Philips makes all devices and systems and the products feel high quality.

There is also one more product offered by Safe Life Senior and even though it is not a medical alert system, it is a great add-on.

Personal Medication Dispenser priced at $50

This is also a unit made by Philips. It is a personal medication dispenser that can be preprogrammed for different doses of medication. It helps seniors take their medication on time and correctly. If a person stops taking medication, this device automatically notifies caregivers.


Lock Box comes at $25 single fee

Lock box is offered as an extra for all the systems. Lock box is highly useful as it allows users to lock a house key inside it. This way, emergency responders can use the code to unlock the key and gain access to your home. It is great for avoiding costly repairs of forced entries. Lock box code that is used for unlocking it is provided when setting up the service so that call center agents have this information in case they need to dispatch local emergency services to the scene.



Common Questions

“Do I need a phone landline to use the medical alert service?”

No, Safe Life Senior offers a range of wireless devices which do not require a phone landline to operate.

“Is there a free trial?”

Yes, free installation, training on how to use the system and one month of free monitoring service is included with any of the standard services offered by Safe Life Senior.

“What is the range of the help button?”

A typical range is 700-800 feet from the central unit located in the home. When the system is installed an operator will check the actual coverage that depends on the terrain configuration.

“Is the help button waterproof?”

Yes, the wearable pendant is waterproof.

“Is there a long term contract?”

No, this is a monthly subscription based service.

“Who is responsible for installing the equipment?”

A certified technician will install the equipment and test the system. User will also receive free training on how to use the system.

“What happens if I end up in hospital?”

Safe Life Senior will inform everyone from your emergency contact list about the incident as well as your status.

“Is there a monitoring service I can use when outside of the home?”

Yes, there is a GoSafe product available for use with wireless services. This device does not require a landline to operate.




Advanced tracking technology built into GoSafe product linet

24/7 call center
Water resistant pendant
Several products from this company feature two-way voice communication
Availability of devices which do not require a landline to operate
GoSafe devices for alert service on the go suitable for hikers, climbers and others who might need protection on the go
All products are made by Philips
Free installation, training and one month of service
A range of different wearable devices in form of necklace or a pendant






Not all system feature two-way voice communication
It is not possible to program the unit to call 911 directly
No monthly wellness reports or advanced tracking data analysis available
No long term plans available which offer price discounts




Company Info

Safe Life Senior is one of the projects handled by The Pilot Club of Columbia. This is a nonprofit organization which is involved in several projects related to providing medical alert and tracking services. The goal is to provide medical alert services at affordable prices to those in need of independence and safety. The project is funded through donations. Strategic partnership has been made with Philips Lifeline to provide equipment as well as 24/7 monitoring call center for all the service users.

Safe Life Senior can be contacted via this phone number (803-254-2673) or via the following email address:

Final Recommendation

Safe Life Senior is a medical alert company offering a range of monitoring solutions for those who need extra protection in home or outdoors. Philips makes all the monitoring equipment. There is a range of units starting from units that require phone landline to operate and are made for indoor use only, to fully mobile devices featuring advanced tracking technology.

All the systems feature standard medical alert monitoring features.  A positive side is that this company provides quite a few options for those who do not have a phone landline available for system usage. Also, this company offers fully mobile medical alert service too which can prove useful to those who do not have medical conditions yet and just seek additional layer of protection when hiking or doing any kind of risky activity. Click here to find information about which features to look for when choosing a medical alert service.

We do not sell Safe Life Senior products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

Have you tried the services from Safe Life Senior? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alarm system to keep them safe and sound.

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  1. John Fisher May 27, 2016 at 2:53 pm
    Overall Score

    This is a local company in the Midlands of SC. They have a very small staff but are able to install the Lifeline equipment themselves instead of making you or your loved one install the equipment. It is nice to have a personal representative come out to the house instead of dealing with someone only over the phone. Definitely recommend!

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  2. R K Flores June 3, 2020 at 3:25 am

    Highly recommended. Excellent customer service that finds out if one needs assistance as. Soon as possible, which as has saved me more than a couple of times. Unit has GPS so it knows where you are at an where on earth. Rest assured with this device you’re never alone help is but a safe life 365 away.

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