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The Acadian On Call company introduces a range of medical alert systems designed to help seniors and others live safer lives. These systems are all designed with one purpose: to deliver swift help and assistance in any kind of situation and to do it fast! All users of medical alert service get a wearable pendant. This pendant has a help button on it. A person can press this help button to call for help and there are trained call center agents waiting for the call.

Time is critical in emergency situations. This is why signing up for medical alert service can make a really big difference in someone’s life. Medical alert systems are designed to allow users of service to get quick help, and this is the main benefit of such service. When emergency happens, a person only needs to push the help button. This is important as reaching out for a cell phone and dialing 911 or friends in those critical situations can often be too difficult or even impossible. Statistics show that people in most situations are able to press the help button they are wearing as a necklace or a wristband. Those who get help faster are much more likely to have a full and/or easier recovery.



So How Does It Work?

When you press the help button located on the wearable pendant, a call will be initiated to Acadian response center. There will be an EMD Certified Medical operator waiting for your call. The operator will talk to you to assess the situation. You can explain what happened and ask operator to organize assistance. Since these services are mostly used by seniors, they would often request for family members or neighbors to be sent to their home in case they are not feeling well. There is a certain protocol an operator will follow. Call center agents can also dispatch police, fire department or ambulance. Loved ones are always notified of each incident.

The system technically consists of a base station and a wearable help button. The base station is the heart of the system. It looks like a phone answering machine and it needs to be connected to a landline to operate. The base station has a powerful speaker and a microphone built into it. This is used for communication with the call center agents. Press of the help button sends a wireless signal to the base station and communication with call center is immediately initiated. The call center is of course available 24 hours, 7 days a week. So we can think of a help button as a sort of “speed dial” in case of emergencies. The range of the system is based on the distance between the base station and a wearable help button device. Any obstacles or solid objects in the way can affect this range, but usually the signal is more than strong enough to cover a full house and possibly some areas around it.



Plans and Pricing


1. Traditional Medical Alert System

Traditional Medical Alert is available at the price of $29.95 per month. There is a discount for those who choose to pay quarterly or annually.

This is the most basic system Acadian offers. It works over a landline, the equipment is included in the price and the base station features a backup battery. The help button pendant is waterproof, and users have a choice between a necklace pendant and a wristband.


  • Works over a phone landline
  • Waterproof pendant
  • Two-way voice base station
  • 24/7 monitoring center
  • 2 pendant options (necklace or wristband)
  • Backup battery
  • Easy setup

When signing up for medical alert service, users receive free activation and Lockbox, which is a great bonus. Lots of other companies charge extra for Lockbox usage.



2. Medical Alert Plus+ System

Medical Alert Plus+ system is available at $29.95 per month. There is discount for those who sign up for quarterly or annual payments.

This is the same system as a traditional medical alert one offered by Acadian. The only difference is that users do not need to have a landline for the system operation. Instead, it works over a cellular network. A fall sensing pendant can be purchased for an added cost of $10 per month. This help button pendant can detect falls using built-in sensors. When a fall is detected, a signal is sent to the monitoring center. Call center agents will get on the line to check if everything is fine. If the person wearing the pendant is not responsive, local medical emergency response teams are sent to the scene.


  • Does not require a landline
  • Works over cellular network
  • Waterproof pendant
  • Two-way voice base station
  • 24/7 monitoring center
  • Fall sensor pendant available as an add-on
  • Two pendant options (pendant or wristband)
  • Free medication reminders
  • Backup battery
  • Lighted LCD display on the base unit

From free features that come with each subscription purchase there is a Lockbox, free activation and free medication reminders. Medication reminders is a very interesting feature not all competitors offer. Users can schedule when they need to take medication by logging into their profile on the site. The base unit console will then notify the users when they need to take medication.



3. Medical Alert Mobile System

Medical Alert Mobile system is priced at $36.95 per month. Like with the other plans, this one also features discounts in case of quarterly or annual signups.

Now this is an interesting system, as it is a combination of a traditional in-home medical alert monitoring and fully mobile solution. There is a base station that comes with the system as well as a mobile pendant device which can be taken anywhere. Mobile pendant features true two-way voice capability and the whole system works over a cellular network. Cellular service is included in the price.


  • Dual systems: in-home and mobile medical alert services combined
  • Wearable pendants works both with the base station and with a mobile device
  • Mobile device features two-way voice
  • Mobile device works over cellular network and it has GPS tracking built in
  • 24/7 monitoring center
  • 2 pendant options: necklace pendant or wristband
  • No landline required
  • System can be upgraded with the fall sensor button
  • Lighted LCD display on the base unit

Activation and secure Lockbox are free add-ons included in the price when signing up. Fall sensor pendant upgrade costs $10 per month.

This system is rather interesting and is something not many competitors offer. This 2-in-1 solution can be useful to those seniors who want to have full-time protection both in their homes and also outside (in car, during walks etc). Also, mobile systems like this are interesting to another group of users: active individuals who might not necessarily have any health concerns. Mobile alert system can be taken to outdoors adventures such as mountain climbing, biking or hiking. System works anywhere where there is AT&T cellular coverage and built in GPS locator can come in handy in case of any kind of risky or unforeseen situation where assistance is needed.




Common Questions

“How can I contact customer support?”

Customer support is available at toll-free number (877) 477-6507. Work hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM CST.

“Do I need to purchase the equipment?”

All the necessary equipment is included for free and no additional purchase is needed.

“Is landline required?”

No, landline is not required with Medical Alert Plus+ and Medical Alert Mobile systems. These systems use cellular network.

“How do I specify my emergency contacts?”

Users can call customer service to update their emergency contacts list any time.

“Is there a system which I can take anywhere with me?”

Yes, there is a Medical Alert Mobile system available that works on the go. This system provides full protection inside the home and anywhere outside of it.

“Are cellular charges included in the price?”

Cellular charges are included in the monitoring payments.

“Are there any hidden fees?”

There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. User only pays for the subscription plan of his choice.

“How long does it take to ship the system?”

Shipping takes between 1 to 5 business days. There is also a possibility to purchase overnight service.




Water resistant pendants
Fall sensing technology
Both landline and cellular based systems available
Hybrid home & mobile system available
24/7 call center
Backup battery
GPS Locating
Extended two-way voice included with mobile alert system
Free activation
Free Lockbox
Free medication notifications and alerts
30-day free trial






Fall detection pendant comes at an added cost
Range is not specified on the site
No two-way voice functionality built into the pendants (mobile system excluded)
No wellness and movement sensors data statistics
Smoke detector option not available
Pills dispenser unit option not available
Fire, water or carbon monoxide sensors not available
In reality it might be complicated to get refunds and take advantage of 30-day trial




Company Info

Acadian On Call has been founded in 1991 and is stationed in Lafayette, Louisiana. This company is proud to have more than 19,000 subscribers nationwide. Acadian On Call service offers peace of mind to their subscribers, and they strive to become leaders in the medical alert industry by going above all the standards. Contact phone number is 1-877-477-6507. Customers can also reach them via contact email:



Call Center

Acadian On Call has three US-based certified monitoring centers. They are CSAA Certified and call center agents are well trained and certified in emergency medical dispatch.

This means that customers will receive quality assistance in case of emergency. Three monitoring centers is something not many companies offer. This means faster response times across all the different time zones. Also, in case of any kind of local disturbance in the cities where centers are located – there will be another center ready to answer calls. This is important as call centers do need to stay operational in case of power outages or natural disasters such as storms or earthquakes.

Final Recommendation

Acadian On Call offers a very nice blend of products. They offer three products that should cover all the needs of typical users who would be interested in purchasing medical alert service. There is a classic landline based system, and then there is the same system that works over cellular network, which is suitable for those who do not have access to a landline or have canceled it. Finally, the system which is the most impressing for sure is the mobile one. This system is actually two systems in one, mixing functionality and practicality of traditional home based system that has a central base unit with a fully mobile solution that can be taken on the go. Such a system provides complete medical alert coverage, both in the home or in the car and anywhere else. People who are planning to go for frequent walks and leave their home, yet require medical alert service and protection usually choose the mobile version of the system offered by Acadian.

We do not sell Acadian On Call products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

Have you tried the services from Acadian On Call? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alarm system to keep them safe and sound.


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  1. Reply
    Lydia Williams September 7, 2016 at 10:55 am
    Overall Score

    I was at my mom house one Sunday afternoon and ask her had she done her monthly testing on her emergency unit -she said no not yet-This was Sunday September 4, 2016 so this was recent. My mom is 80 years old and she is not mobile at all-she is confined to a wheel chair. I press the button and was ready to tell the operator we were testing the system-Well no one respond to the alert-So I pressed the button again – No response to the alert

    And yes the machine was plugged in with the green light showing on her system- So there is a 1-800 number posted on her alert system-So I called the number to inform them no one responded to the alert buttom-Well to my surprise I got an answering machine or a voice mail not sure which-but I did not speak to a human with the company that day. It prompted to leave a message and someone would return the call at a later time. So now I was worried and confused-This is a medical alert system that is clearly not working properly and the number that is on the machine to call if you have a problem -No one is answering-So I took my mom home with me and told her we will contact the company at a later date-Because after several attempts calling the number posted on her emergency system and no one there to answer a 24/7 emergency alert call-She did not need to be there by herself if something drastic happen and she could not use her emergency alert system- So I called the number that was posted on her alert system unit -the next day and someone answered the phone-1-800-259-1234 this is the number that is on her system to call if there is a problem- The person that answered the phone -I inform them who I was and the problem that had occurred with my mom not getting a call back or no one responding to her alert system-And the number on her unit when call no one answered- And I had gotten a automated recording to leave a message-This was a lady that answered the phone -And I told this incident to-She put me on hold-When the person came back on the phone it was a man- I went in detail again explaining to him my concern with the unit and my concern when I call the number that is on her unit could not reach anyone to talk to- I feel the gentleman gave me a on the phone run around and was not that concern about the situation concerning my mom unit-He did state that the company did get my message and called her back the next day and no one was home- And something might be wrong with her unit that is in her home- So I told him if her unit was the only problem I could understand that-But because I had called the number that is posted on her system to inform them of what was going- And that I had talked to a machine and not a real person and that there was no other number on her unit to call- He inform me that I called the wrong number- But I stated to him I called the number that is post on her unit-The guy still unconcern about the incident ask me did I want the service number to call concerning her unit if this happen again


    My mom monthly payment for the use of this service is being bank draft from her checking account each month.

    If this was a real emergency situation – It would not have ended well
    What is the purpose of having a number post on the emergency unit and when call you get a voice mail
    This company seem unconcern about this problem and the guy on the phone had a slight attitude – I”m sure this would have went different if this was his mom paying for a emergency service that is not a 24/7 service and no one could be reached until the next day- This happen in Shreveport, La

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  2. Reply
    Kendall January 22, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    My fiance and I bought a medical alert for my mother in law and could not be happier. I highly recommend this company.

  3. Reply
    Ben L January 22, 2018 at 10:13 pm
    Overall Score

    I acquired AOC service for my mother who has Parkinson’s. From day one the company has gone above and beyond for us and far exceeded my expectations. Anytime we had a question or needed them they were there and always helpful with an amazing attitude. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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  4. Reply
    Tiffany Nolan January 22, 2018 at 10:43 pm
    Overall Score

    Fantastic service, from sales to customer support. I will continue to trust them with my family and will continue to highly recommend them.

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  5. Reply
    Eric Henderson September 4, 2018 at 11:50 am
    Overall Score

    The same problem happened to my mother’s equipment with Acadian she fail an was pinned down by her dresser and pushed the button and didn’t get a response, she was pinned down for about eight hours overnight until we found her and we tried to the alert button but no response so we called for an ambulance by phone. Their service technicians came out and reset the machine by rebooting it, I asked why did it fail, they couldn’t give me an answer then they went outside and talked for a minute and returned with a new machine.

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