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Senior Safety is a company behind Get Help Now medical alert service. This service is designed to be simple to use for seniors. Simplicity in combination with reliability is what best describes the medical alert systems offered by Senior Safety. Family members worry about their parents as they grow older. Truth is that with time, we all need a bit of help.

Independent living can become such a challenge when loved ones are not around to help with day to day activities. With chronic medical conditions that are relatively common with seniors, independent living can become risky and with the development of mobility issues falls become more likely to happen.

Falls can become a big problem for seniors living alone as sometimes it is hard for elderly people to get up on their own from a fall. That scenario, combined with possible injury presents a huge risk. It is known that sometimes seniors, who experience a fall and cannot get up, can spend more than 12 hours before their neighbors or loved ones even discover them. This is really terrible and in those cases the people who had the experience usually never live independently again. Also, injuries which are not treated within critical first few hours can become life threatening and often result in long hospital stays. These are all exact reasons why seniors living alone should consider signing up for a medical alert service such as one provided by Senior Safety.




So How Does It Work?

Medical alert service in its core is designed in such a way to allow users to get immediate help in emergency situations. This is achieved with the use of wearable help button that is usually in the form of a wristband or a necklace pendant.

This button is a direct line to summoning help in events when the person using the service needs it the most. 24/7 monitoring center is at the heart of any medical alert service. When something happens, a person can press the help button and a call will be made immediately to the monitoring center. It is much easier to just press the button than to look for a phone or cell phone in order to call for help. Often, it is simply impossible to reach a phone in order to dial for help and sometimes seconds matter, and there is just not enough time to dial 911 or family. When a help button is pressed, licensed call center operators answer the call and organize assistance.Medical alert system consists of a help button (which is small and easy to wear) and a medical alert base station. The base station is the central unit of the system and it is used for handling all the communication. It needs to be connected to a phone line and electrical outlet in order to function. Help buttons are waterproof so they can be worn even in the shower (this is handy as a lot of falls can happen in the bathroom).

The base station works with any kind of home phone line including standard landlines, VoIP and home phone systems. There is also a system offered by Senior Safety that features a base station which works over cellular network. This means that you do not need to have any kind of landline to use the system. The base station has a very loud speaker and microphone built in, and these are used for communication with the call center. This is why it is important to place the base station in a strategic location in the house. When a help button is pushed, a trained call center will respond. Seniors not always need 911 response, so the system can be used to ask an operator to call family members for assistance if they are not feeling well that day. Of course, in case of a bad fall or a serious emergency – local paramedics are dispatched to the scene immediately. When emergency responders are sent to the location, they are given the instructions about the protected person, such as the exact location of the home, how to gain entry to the home and all the details about the person asking for assistance. Conveying medical history and other details such as how to enter the home quickly, as well as nature of the emergency can be life saving.

All subscribers to medical alert service provided by Senior Safety fill out the Vial of Life document. This is a paper with all the medical history and relevant information about the protected person. Information, such as chronic medical conditions, prescriptions, dosages and other details are listed in the file. This is highly useful information to paramedics when responding to the scene as a person in need might not be able to speak.



Plans and Pricing


1. Advanced System

Advanced System monthly subscription is $28.95 per month. In case of quarterly subscription the price is $83.85 paid every 3 months. Annual subscription is priced $323.40 per year.


  • 10,000 square feet range for the base station’s two-way voice
  • Clear communication
  • Backup battery (60 hours)
  • Works over a landline
  • Help button with the range of up to 1,000 feet
  • Two help button options: pendant or wristband
  • 5 year help button battery life
  • Waterproof and lightweight help button

It is possible to add a Fall Alert pendant for extra protection for additional $7 per month. This system can be used by two people at no extra cost with additional help button.



2. Cellular System

Cellular System is priced at $35.95 per month. Quarterly subscription is $104.85 per every 3 months and annual subscription is priced at $407.40 per year.


  • Doesn’t require a landline to operate
  • Works over a cellular network
  • Up to 10,000 square feet coverage for base station’s two-way voice
  • Clear communication
  • Backup battery (60 hours)
  • Help button with the range of up to 1,000 feet
  • Two pendant options: necklace or wristband
  • 5 year help button battery life
  • Waterproof wearable help button device

Users can add a fall sensing pendant for additional $7 per month. This system can be used by spouse with no additional cost.



3. Mobile GPS System

Mobile GPS System is priced at $37.95 per month. Quarterly payment is $110.85 and annual one is $431.40.


  • GPS tracking
  • Mobile system which can be taken anywhere
  • Works over AT&T network
  • Breadcrumb trails tracking technology
  • Suitable for active seniors
  • Small and lightweight design of the mobile unit
  • 72 hours rechargeable battery
  • Available in 150 languages
  • Charger cradle and USB charger included
  • Necklace lanyard and carry case with belt clip are included in the package
  • Vial of Life included

When purchasing this system, there is a one-time $80 activation fee.




Common Questions

“Can I purchase the system for my parents and have it charged to me?”

Yes, the billing for the system can be addressed to a different person than the one using the system.

“Are there any activation fees?”

There are no activation, setup or shipping fees for home-based systems such as Advanced and Cellular system. Mobile GPS system needs to be activated and this one-time fee is $80.

“I do not have a landline, can I use the system?”

Yes, those users who do not have access to a landline can use a cellular in-home system.

“Is there a system that I can take with me when traveling?”

Those who need protection outside and on the go can choose to sign up for a Mobile GPS system offered by Senior Safety.

“What happens when there is a power outage, can I still use the system?”

Both Advanced and Cellular systems come with a built in backup battery that lasts up to 60 hours. This is usually enough to cover any power outages.

“Can two people use the system?”

In case of in-home systems, two people can use it at no extra charge. The additional protected person needs to purchase extra help button for a one-time fee of $35.

“What is the battery life of a mobile system?”

Mobile handheld device needs to be charged regularly using the supplied charger and charging cradle. Battery usually lasts up to 72 hours.

“What is the accuracy of fall detection?”

It is important to note that fall detection system might not identify 100% of falls. In those cases, user needs to manually press the button to call for help.




Landline compatible
Cellular based system availability
Mobile system availability
Automatic fall detection pendant available as an add-on
60 hours backup battery
GPS tracking technology
Supports additional help button for a spouse
30-day money back guarantee
Free setup, activation and shipping with home-based systems
Waterproof and lightweight help button
Two-way voice communication via base unit’s speakerphone in case of in-home systems
Two-way voice mobile handheld device for use with medical alert service on the go






Automatic fall detection pendant is not included by default
No two-way voice functionality built into the wearable pendants in case of in-home systems
No text or email notifications
There is a $80 activation fee that user needs to pay for when signing up for mobile GPS system
No add-on sensors such as smoke, fire or water detectors
Video monitoring not available
No pill dispenser unit or medical reminders option available.




Company Info

The CEO, Jeff Miller, is behind Senior Safety medical alert service.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and has handled more than 45000 medical alarm clients. This company strives to provide the highest quality service possible. Customers can get in contact with the support via following phone number 888-473-2800 or by sending an email to:



Call Center

Senior Safety features one main national monitoring center and additional, backup monitoring center in Utah. Having redundant monitoring center available increases overall service reliability as the medical alert service needs to stay operational during natural disasters like storms, earthquakes and similar, as that is the time when there would surely be a surge of calls from the customers seeking help. Call center agents are EMD certified dispatchers.

Call center is available 24/7 and provides fast response times. It is interesting that this call center also offers up to 150 foreign languages coverage.



Final Recommendation

Senior Safety medical alert company showcases three systems. There are two in-home systems available, one that requires a landline for operation and other one which works over cellular network. The third system offered by Senior Safety is a fully mobile system with built-in GPS tracking technology. All the systems offer a competitive features set and should satisfy the needs of most types of users out there.

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    Louise Walker May 22, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    My system was just activated last evening. I know it’s ok to shower wearing the necklace, but what about sleeping in it? I’m concerned about getting up during the night and falling or getting ill and my alarm button being in the bedroom. Please answer.

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