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Life Beacon is a recently introduced medical alert service which is considered to be a modern solution for elderly people, who need to feel safe even when living alone. Seniors living alone face a lot of potential risks, such as falling and being unable to get up. Although this is a real challenge and it used to be an obstacle, today medical alert solutions, such as Life Beacon allow seniors to stay in their own home, even if their health might be deteriorated and they require special attention.

In the end, both seniors and their family members can feel better knowing that protection is always there.

Additionally, with the mobile solutions provided by Life Beacon, seniors can feel safe even outside of their own house, as this mobile medical solution monitors the activity on the go.



So How Does It Work?

One of the major benefits of the Life Beacon and what sets it apart from the competitors is the fact that the system does not require a base station to work. Having a base station usually limits the range of the system, as the help button needs to be in range of the base unit which is used for placing a call to the monitoring center’s agents. However, the Life Beacon system skips this step and it connects directly through the help button device.

Once the user presses the help button, the signal goes from the button to the call center operator, over cellular network. This means that the signal can get through wherever the user might be. Besides establishing the connection with the call center agents, the help button also sends the user’s GPS location data. The expected time necessary for the call center agents to respond is 20 second on average.

After the connection with the call center has been established, protected person can speak with the call center agent immediately, and explain the type of emergency and how the agent can help. The family members who are listed with the call center are automatically sent a text message with the information on where the person in need is.



Plans and Pricing

Life Beacon offers one plan called Life Beacon Medical Alarm System, which is available as a monthly service (priced $39.99 per month), or you can choose a subscription which is a bit more affordable. If you sign up for quarterly subscription the price of the plan in $34.99 per month, and in case of an annual subscription the monthly fee is $29.99.

Each plan includes the following features:

  • Complete LifeBeacon™ mobile medical alert kit with charger and accessories
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring
  • Go Anywhere™ protection with two-way voice through the activator
  • UL-listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Certified central monitoring station
  • Instant text message notifications in an emergency
  • Free Shipping
  • Web monitoring portal
  • Fashion necklace or bracelet of your choice (free with annual plan, charged $14.95 with other quarterly or monthly subscription)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Additional costs include activation fee, which is $39 regardless of the subscription you choose.





Common Questions

“How do I gain the premium web access?”

As a part of Life Beacon medical service, you can purchase the premium web access for additional $5.99 per month. This access allows authorized users to access a password-protected website where they can monitor the users of the medical service, set up specific alerts or set reminders. This option is very helpful when the family lives far away, as it allows family members to monitor their loved ones using an online interface.

“Is the landline necessary to use this medical alert system?”

No, users do not need the landline to use the service as Life Beacon has its own dedicated cellular phone line.

“What is the refund policy?”

The company offers 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the service or want to end the contract for other reasons, you can do that within 30 days from your purchase by returning the original packaging, and you will eligible for a full refund. After 30 days, you may cancel the contract but refund is not offered for the services after that period.

“Is the LifeBeacon™ water resistant?”

No, but you can upgrade to a water resistant version for additional $5.99 per month.

“How is the battery charged?”

The LifeBeacon™ is charged like a cordless phone. The battery life of each user is also monitored, so when the battery is low, the user is automatically notified with the instructions to charge the battery. This notification is also sent to the authorized emergency contacts.

“What is the accuracy of the GPS?”

The GPS receiver which has been properly initialized is usually accurate to within 3 meters outside. When the user is inside a building, the accuracy depend of the type of building which may affect the satellite signal. In general, the call center operators are instructed to confirm the user’s location with GPS and by verbally communicating with the user whenever that is possible.

“What happens if the user is locked inside the home?”

Life Beacon stores the information about the user’s neighbors and family members who might have the key, so they will be contacted in case of emergency. The user can also purchase key safe from Wireless Medical Alert which can be affixed to the front of the home and will hold a key. The call center agents will have the password of the safe which can be provided to the emergency services arriving to the user’s home.




Completely mobile solution which does not require the landline
Monitoring functionality works on the go, so the users can take the help button wherever they go
Free shipping for all the users
GPS tracking
Practical design
Online tracking portal function






Activation fee
Costly repairs
No fall detection
Water resistant version costs more




Company Info

Life Beacon is a new company on the market that introduces modern mobile medical alert solution. This service uses latest technology and brings a fresh approach to medical alert products and solutions. The company offers a medical alert solution which is completely on the go, allowing the users to enjoy the active life and stay protected wherever they are.


Call Center

All operators at Life Beacon call center are trained to respond to the medical alerts, as well as on how to monitor the Life Beacon. The operators have 7 years of experience on average. The LifeBeacon is monitored by a 24/7 monitoring center that is UL-listed and has been providing services for 40 years now.



Final Recommendation

Life Beacon medical alert system brings independence and additional layer of safety to seniors. Family members or caretakers can rest assured that their loved ones will be protected and safe when they are not around. Life Beacon features GPS tracking, works anywhere over cellular network and its add-on features such as online access to wellness and activity reports present a well rounded medical alert solution for elderly.

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