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A lot of seniors need assistance with medication management, as they might find it difficult to keep track of the exact time of the day and the number of times a medication should be taken. Since most seniors take several medication prescriptions during the day, this can create confusion which might lead to irregular medication intake, which can seriously jeopardize the health of the person.

This is why medication dispenser (Also called Medication Reminder \ Organizer ) is a very handy addition to have. A medication dispenser is usually in a shape of box with daily slots for pills, which are regularly refilled with the correct dosage for the person. The compartments in the medical dispenser are organized so that each compartment contains the tablets a person should take that day or at one point during the day, for example in the morning, and then a separate compartment for the medications that need to be taken in the evening.


Medical Dispensers Features

There are different types of medical dispensers, depending on the company, so the features that come with the device might differ slightly. For example, the medication or pill dispensers might have different pills capacity. Some are fully monitored while others are not.


  • Medication Reminder \ Organizer – The main feature of any pill dispenser unit is the ability to dispense pre-programmed pills dosages at the pre-programmed times. When pills need to be taken, there is an alarm that goes off and cannot be stopped until the pills are taken.
  • Protecting Lock – There is usually a lock to protect medication, which prevents the user for taking the medicines from the wrong compartment.
  • Fully monitored – Some dispensers connect to the medical alert base unit, alarming the medical alert company call center or family members when a person has not taken the medications assigned for that day. This feature provides a piece of mind to the family members who can be sure that their loved ones are safe and protected.



A medical dispenser is available by some medical alert companies as an add-on. For example, Alert-1 medical alert company offers the popular MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser, so buying it through their medical alert service as an add-on is better than just buy it on Amazon, because you might get a fully monitored plan to your medical dispenser and not just the product.

The units offer from the companies differ in the complexity and number of features. You should check with each medical alert company if they are offering this service as an add-on and the features that comes with it, but many companies do not offer this service at all so you can still look for a reliable product by yourself on Amazon! Click on the link below to enter Amazon medical dispenser options.


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