Wearable Medical Alert Button Options (Pendent, Wristband, etc.) | 101 Guide

Medical alert button is the integral part of any medical alert system. This button is the only part of the equipment the user will have constant contact with.

Once the user presses the help button, it will send a signal to the base unit (and the main purpose of the base unit is to establish the connection with the call center).

Help button should be worn all the time!!! even when showering or sleeping as we never know when an emergency situation might happen. Help buttons come in many shapes and forms, and we have three most common mounting options:

  • Necklace pendant
  • Wristband
  • Belt clip

The user should check if the help button is water resistant or not (99% it is water proof). Help button pendant usually has one big button that a user needs to press during an emergency.



Two-way Communication Feature

Some help button pendants have a two-way speaker built-in. This is a highly useful feature, but usually comes at an added cost. With a two-way talking help button pendant, the user can comfortably communicate with the call center agents directly through the worn device. The alternative is to use a built-in two-way speakerphone on the base station for communication, but sometimes we are just too far from the base station to hear the call center agent on the other end of the line.



Fall Detection Automatic Alert Feature

Another major option when it comes to help button is fall detection. Some help button pendants can automatically detect falls.

This means that if the person wearing the help button falls, the pendant will automatically place a call to the monitoring center. In this situation, the user does not need to physically press the button in order to call for help. If the person cannot get up or is unresponsive – the local emergency response service are sent immediately to the location. It is important to note that fall detection does not guarantee 100% accurate detection, so the user is always encouraged to press the button in case of a fall.



Additional Help Buttons

When purchasing medical alert service, it is often possible to get additional help button pendants. These can be used by a spouse or other people living in the same home. The number of additional pendants that can be connected to the same base station in a home varies between companies. Learn more here »



Help Button Range

The range of the help button depends on the system equipment and varies between different manufacturers, and it is recommended to test the operating range of the system when first installing it. The layout of the home and building materials may also influence the operating range. Usually the help button will work anywhere within the home and in close proximity around it. Some help buttons have a really long range, so they work even outside of the home, in the garden or at neighbor’s home for example. Also, some buttons might have an indicator when they are out of the range (less common).



Alert Button Design

The design of the button can vary quite a bit. Usually, the buttons are small and discrete. Some help buttons might look really modern, others might be fashionable with different accessories (lanyards or exchangeable wristbands, etc.) available.




The battery in a help button usually lasts for a long time, but in case of a two-way talking pendant it needs to be replaced / charged more regularly. Two-way talking pendants can often be used for answering regular calls as well, just like with a wireless landline phone. The company will often replace batteries in help button device free of charge, and batteries can last for years as the help button is only used for sending a distress signal to the base station upon pressing the button.



Choosing a Help Button

When choosing a help button, think about which options you need. Do you need fall detection? Do you need the button to have a two-way communicator built in? What kind of design are you looking for? Every medical alert company has pictures of their systems and equipment on their website along with technical information about their pendants. Check out the specifications to choose the right system for you.


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