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Medical Care Alert website is aiming to bring independence and safety to persons in need by providing a medical alert system and 24/7 emergency service. This is a good service to consider for your loved ones, especially if they are aging and you are concerned about their health. In situations like this, signing up for a medical alert service can bring a piece of mind as this way you make sure that the help will be on the way if anything happens.

Medical Care Alert provides their users with a device in a form of a button which can be pushed if assistance is needed. The system connects to a 24/7 emergency call center where EMT certified operators offer assistance. The operators will provide immediate response, organize swift assistance and dispatch local emergency service if needed. It is especially reassuring to know that operators will stay on the line until help arrives on the scene.



How Does It Work?

The system Medical Care Alert provides consists of a button which can be attached to a belt or worn as a necklace. There is also a device which functions as a base unit and connects wirelessly to the help button.

When the button is pressed, the system will instantly contact the “Medical Alert Monitoring Center” and connect the person in need with the trained agent which is ready to respond to any kind of emergency. These agents are EMT certified and they will assess the situation by speaking to you via speakerphone built into the base unit. In case of emergency or not being able to communicate with the protected person, the agent will dispatch local emergency services immediately to the location. Then, the contact will be made with people you have listed on your emergency contact list. These are usually neighbors, family members or caregivers.

When signing up for the service, you first provide a personal profile information. The personal profile includes lots of useful details such as your medical history, your name and address, emergency contacts and any other specifics you wish to share with Medical Care Alert team and which you think would be useful for agents in the call centre responding to your calls. You should note that this profile is very important as it will be displayed on screen to the responding agent as soon as you press the help button.

What makes this service different to calling 911 is that trained agents have all this information about you ready, they know who you are, where you are and what to do when you press the help button. There are situations where person in need cannot talk or get to the phone to call 911 and by using this service, the help is there with a push of a button. Medical Care Alert keeps all the information you share with them strictly confidential and private.



Plans and Pricing

Medical Care Alert offers a subscription based model with no hidden costs. This means that you will be paying for a subscription only and there are no costs associated with leasing monitoring equipment, setting the system up, etc.

There are 3 systems available:


Home Medical Alert System

Home Medical Alert system is priced at $27.45 per month or $89.85 if you intend to pay quarterly and there is also annual option priced at $329.40. The features included into this subscription plan are the following:

  • 2-way base station with built in powerful speakerphone which covers your entire home
  • 1,000 foot range
  • Telephone land-line is required
  • 1 help button

There are some bonuses for those who choose the semi-annual and annual options where semi-annual subscribers get an additional help button for spouse monitoring. Annual subscribers get 2 help button devices as well as a free key lockbox. Monthly subscribers do need to pay shipping for the equipment while semi-annual and annual ones get it for free.

This subscription plan is advisable for those who mostly stay at home or have difficulties moving.


Home & Yard Medical Alert System

Home & Yard Medical Alert System is priced at $32.04 per month or $104.85 if paid quarterly and $384.48 annually. The system includes:

  • Base station
  • 2-way voice pendant which is very useful to those who like gardening or visiting next door neighbors.
  • 600 foot range for the two-way pendant which can also be used to answer incoming phone calls.
  • Phone land-line is required

This system is similar to the home alert system with the difference that user gets a two-way speaker pendant with the emergency button. This way, if emergency happens in the yard where user would normally not be able to hear the speakerphone which is located in the house, the user can use the speakerphone built into the pendant itself to communicate with the emergency center. Therefore, this type of subscription is recommended to those who spend a lot of time outside the house, such as in the garden or at neighbors’.

Semi-annual option brings in free shipping and annual payment option unlocks a free month offer.


Home & Away Medical Alert System

The third subscription type is called Home & Away Medical Alert System. It is priced at $36.62 a month or $239.70 if paid quarterly and $439.4 if user signs up for an annual payment plan.

This system is designed for those who often travel or leave their home and need protection when they are away.

  • Cellular connection to stay connected anywhere in the USA
  • AT&T wireless connection, no land line required
  • GPS feature for determining your location
  • Charging station and home button is included

This system consists of a regular help button as well as a wireless GPS unit which user should bring when leaving home. The GPS unit is completely wireless and it provides a 2-way connection with the emergency call center. Help buttons come with the choice of wrist button or neck pendant option. The help button connects to your mobile GPS device when on the go. This mobile device is essentially a portable base station.

Annual payment plan brings free shipping as well as one month free bonus.



How to Get Started?

First thing you should think about is where you will be using the system as there are different products available. So if you only need the coverage indoors, you should go for “Home” system. If coverage is also needed around the house, for example in the garden then “Home & Yard” system is the one to choose. The ultimate option is “Home & Away” system and this one features both home and outdoors nationwide coverage using AT&T Wireless network.

Once you know which system to go for, the next step is to choose a pricing plan and sign up. Upon signing up, all the equipment will be sent to you. Setting up the base unit and other components of the system is easy. Plug the base unit into an electrical outlet and connect a telephone jack to it. Once everything is wired up, press the help button to initiate a connection with the monitoring center to verify that everything is working properly.

You will discuss and setup a protocol with Medical Care Alter and provide data for your personal profile. This protocol includes how the operators will behave in different situations. For example, you can specify if you always want the operator to stay on the line until emergency services arrive, also you can specify if you want the operator to notify a neighbor or loved ones first before calling emergency services.

When signing up you will need to provide the name, address and phone number of the person using the system. All the paperwork will be sent along with the system shipment.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to set up and test the Medical Alert system, once the shipment has arrived to you:



User Reviews



Common Questions

“Where is the call center located?”

The call centre is USA based. There are two monitoring centers available to take calls 24/7. One is located in central New York State and the second one in Corona, California. Both feature state of the art backup systems to ensure they remain operational in case of power failures and other unforeseen events.

“Do I need a telephone land line to use this system?”

No, you can use the Home & Away system which does not require a land line to operate.

“Is there a long term contract I need to sign?”

No, you can cancel at any time. There are no hidden fees or setup fees. You only pay for your chosen payment plan.

“Does Medical Care Alert install the system?”

The system is installed by customers as it is very straightforward and it includes the needed instructions. It takes a few minutes to get everything up and running.

“Is there a money back guarantee?”

Yes, there is a risk free 30 day trial period.

“What payment options are available?”

Company accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and checks through automatic withdrawal.

“Can I change my information at a later date, after I have ordered the system?”

Yes, you can change or update information at any time with no additional charge.

“Are wearable help button devices waterproof?”

Yes, the devices are waterproof.




Agents are EMT certified
2-way voice pendant option
Multiple products available to extend the range of protection
Mobile unit which provides protection outdoors
Free lockbox with annual subscription plans
Subscription based model with money back guarantee






The system does not track activity levels and other movement related data
Accessories such as additional sensors come as an extra charge
No mobile apps or text alerts available
Some features are available only if user chooses annual payment plan




Company Info

Medical Care Alert service is provided by American Response Technologies Company. This is a family owned company based in Michigan. They are dedicated to providing quality medical alert monitoring solutions and the equipment used is made by Bosch. It is interesting that they monitor their own family members using their own system. Customer service can be contacted at or via 1-877-913-3680.



Final Recommendation

Medical Care Alert provides one of more advanced services out there. The equipment is made by Bosch and there is a family owned company behind this service. This system is good for elderly and persons with health concerns who might require immediate medical attention.

There are two USA based call centers on standby with EMT certified agents ready to handle any emergency situation. This service is subscription based and there are various extras you can get to suit your needs. What makes this service different from others, besides the USA based monitoring center, is that it also offers a completely wireless alert solution which works over AT&T wireless network.

This is great for those people who need monitoring yet often leave home to visit neighbors or to travel. Overall, this is a strong and well developed service with enough flexibility in products offered to suit everyone’s needs. The pricing is affordable and everything is clearly shown on the website with no hidden costs.

We do not sell Medical Care Alert products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

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