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The Connect America medical alert company offers a personal emergency response service under a variety of different names including:

  • Connect America
  • Medical Alert
  • MobileAlertSystems
  • CVS (CVS review):
    CVS has lent its name to the CVS Medical Alert System but you won’t find this in the majority of its stores. The system offered with Connect America and the Alarm Alliance is a very basic unit with a great cost and very few fees compared to other systems. You will need a landline phone but it’s simple to setup and operate. Users report good ranges and good response times, so it’s a top option for those who are in their home and small yard for most of the day.

We’ve reviewed its Medical Alert brand because it offers the top-quality offering under an easy-to-use name.

As you read our review and gain more interest in the company or its products, we recommend looking for Medical Alert specifically from Connect America to make sure you’re getting the right product that you’re interested in today.

Medical Alert specializes in an interactive two-way wireless technology to help seniors get help while still staying in their homes and living their lives. Medical Alert is a multifaceted emergency system that combines great hardware with a UL-accredited emergency monitoring center.




Connect America offers three different types of products for you to use, with two different in-home models and one mobile alert system. The in-home offerings focus on giving you support whether you have a traditional home phone line or need protection without a home phone line. The mobile offerings rely on AT&T’s network and include service so you’re not paying anything extra.

All services follow the traditional model of pressing a button on a pendant or wristwatch-like device, getting connected to a call center, and then getting help or potentially having emergency medical services arriving to help.


Medical Alert Wireless Devices for Home Use

The standard medical alert system from Connect America is its “Medical Alert Home Emergency (PERS) Base Unit.” This unit connects to a standard electrical outlet and to your home phone line. It offers a strong two-way communications capability with a strong microphone and high-quality speaker.

The unit features just a few large buttons to easily press and connect to the emergency help you need. The buttons also feature braille characters for Emergency, Home, and Clear on the respective buttons.

The system also features a silent alarm feature and can report inactivity of the pendant wearer to emergency professionals on an 8, 12, or 24 hours schedule. The unit also includes a 32-hour battery backup in the event of a power outage.

This base unit connects to two different types of buttons, either a long-range pendant or a long-range medical alert wristwatch.

The pendant is a battery-powered, waterproof button that includes a lanyard with a breakaway release so you won’t be hurt if it needs to be removed by family or emergency personnel. Simply pressing on the pendant will connect it to the PERS base unit and send out a signal to the Medical Alert UL-accredited emergency monitoring center.

The pendant also sends out a signal every two hours to let the base station know that its status. These tests also check for a low battery and, if detected, the indicator light on the pendant will show red.

The wristwatch is also a battery-powered, waterproof device that connects to base station receivers on a regular basis so that it can check the status of the battery and the person wearing the watch. The service sends a signal when you press a button at the center of its face and will shine green to let you know the signal has been sent. This shine turns red if a low battery is detected.


Cellular Medical Alert System

If you don’t have a home telephone line, the Cellular Medical Alert System uses the AT&T Network to get you the emergency medical help and service that you need.

Like the traditional PERS base station, you’ll plug this into the wall and connect to it through a pendant or wristwatch. It operates in the same fashion and includes large test and help buttons so that you can quickly press for assistance.

You’ll get UL-accredited emergency monitoring services that connect you through both an LCD display screen and a powerful two-way speaker. The nice thing about this system is that you simply plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go. You won’t need to purchase any additional AT&T service to operate the system, just connect your base station and either your pendant or wristwatch button.

The service also requires no set up fees or equipment charges but comes with a lifetime system warranty. The battery backup on this model lasts for 36 hours.


Mobile Alert Systems

The mobile alert station and pendant allows you to take your coverage wherever you go, whether that’s the mall, park, or just in the garden in your yard. This mobile alert system uses GPS technology and the AT&T Network to keep you constantly connected and monitored.

Pressing the mobile Help button on the mobile pendant will provide you with instant two-way communication with the company’s service care reps. As soon as you press the button, it also sends out information of your location – that means you still get help even if you can’t answer when the representative tries to speak to you.

The Mobile Alert package also comes with in-home base station and waterproof Help button to provide the same coverage from Medical Alert’s other systems.

This system also includes:

  • 24/7/ two-way emergency service
  • Anywhere “Help” button
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Charger cradle
  • No landline phone requirement
  • No equipment charges
  • Wrist and necklace pendant options

You’ll also get light and noise notifications for low batteries, lost connections, and other issues.

The mobile unit also available at You can read its review here –


Pricing Options

You’ll need to call to get an exact pricing for each system but the company lists its starting prices for each model as:

  • Standard in-home:$29.95 per month.
  • Cellular in-home:$34.95 per month.
  • Mobile Alert: $39.95 per month.

The company routinely offers specials on its website and through its seller partners, typically giving you a free second pendant or watch.




Common Questions

“How far do systems reach?”

Typically the base station has a range of 350 feet to its call watches and pendants.

“What do the lights mean?”

On the base stations, there are multiple lights to issue warnings. The low battery announcement and text means that the base station’s battery is low. When power is not detected, the blue and red lights and buttons will flash. For the cellular option, these same lights will flash if you lose connection to the cellular network. Green lights flash when you need to test your system with the auto-test button on the device.

“Can I talk into the pendant or watch?”

These systems unfortunately don’t provide that support. You must talk through your base station unit because the pendants and watches don’t have a microphone or speaker.

“What about recharging?”

You will need to recharge the Mobile Alert device regularly. If you want to test the system, you’ll need to charge the device for at least 3 hours before pressing the test buttons.

“Is there a warranty?”

The service comes with a free lifetime system warranty.

“Are there extra costs?”

For the Medical Alert devices, the company promises no hidden fees, setup fees, installation fees, or long-term contract.

“Can I install it?”

Most users report that the systems are easy to install when following the guides provided in the boxes.

“If I have a medical emergency and press the button, will it cost me money?”

No, your monthly Connect America plan covers the cost of monitoring. You may have to pay for response services such as an ambulance, but you won’t have to pay any extra for the monitoring or call center help.

“What is the cost of the unit if it’s lost or damaged?”

The PERS replacement cost and the Mobile Alert replacement cost is $350. The Mobile Alert replacement cost is $350.

“How long do the batteries last?”

The average battery life is approximately 2 years for the pendant and wristwatches. For rechargeable batteries, you’ll get varied lifetime depending on the use.




UL-accredited emergency monitoring center.
No long-term contracts or hidden fees.
Good mobile coverage.
Options for no landlines.
Good customer service rating and pricing.
Battery backups last a standard of 32 hours, though some users note the standard base station has provided 72 hours of battery backup.




Its call center is outsourced.
Initial 90-day commitment.
No fall detection.
Must contact company directly for final pricing.
Button range seems to vary greatly according to users, from the top 600 feet to a low of 200 feet. This means you’ll need to do some accurate testing to make sure you know where you’re covered.
Customers have had issue with billing, but the company seems to respond quickly and remedy those issues.



Final Recommendation

The Connect America medical alert services are a good quality and they offer a lot of great protection for seniors. The only concern is that some users have had trouble getting in touch with the company over billing and researching its products, due to the name “Medical Alert” being contained in many other competitor’s products. However, the company seems very willing to resolve these issues.

The mobile systems make it a great choice, though, and they are robust enough to keep up with anyone on the go. The low cost and high coverage make it great choice for any home.



We do not sell MedicalAlert (from Connect America) products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

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