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What is Carbon Monoxide?

CO or Carbon monoxide is a gas (that has no color or smell) that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. As the level of CO in a room rises, the air quality decreases.

Carbon monoxide can quickly accumulate if the chimney is blocked, if there is an issue with water or space heaters, or if the person leaves the car running inside a garage. Read more here.

For this reason, some medical alert companies have started offering CO monitoring option as an add-on to their standard service.

Seniors living independent lives in their own home face a number of difficulties. One of them is maintaining a healthy environment in their home. Even simple tasks such as opening the windows and letting the fresh air fill the room are sometimes impossible to achieve for those with impaired mobility or other medical issues.

Medical alert systems are all about the wellness of the consumers. There are lots of products that come as possible additional services and add-on, such as:

All aimed at increasing the level of safety of those using the system.



CO Monitoring Service

CO monitoring sensors can detect the level of carbon monoxide in the air. Regularly monitoring the level of this gas allows us to essentially monitor the quality of the air itself. If the level gets too high, the alarm goes off and the call center of the company providing medical alert service gets an alert. This way, the call center agents in the monitoring center can alert family members or neighbors that it is time to check upon the person using the system, in order to help them with tasks related to making the indoor air fresh again.

CO monitoring sensors are installed in the home of the user by authorized personnel and these sensors often have a low battery indication, so that monitoring center knows when it is time to replace the batteries.

This is an add-on service that not many medical alert companies offer. There are only specific cases when this service would be useful, so this is not one of those must-have add-ons for sure. If the person using the system is not mobile and there is a specific need to control the air quality and CO levels in the home (read more here), than this kind of monitoring add-on can prove to be very helpful as it will alert family members or caregivers when the level of CO is rising.


4 Best Medical Alert Companies With CO Monitoring Service Available:

  • Galaxy – Available with a fall detection system. Fall detection system can be connected to any existing CO detectors.



Do it on Yourself:

You don’t have to get those systems only through a medical alert company. You can also look for carbon monoxide monitoring sensors with alarm system on Amazon and install it yourself. The only downside is that the system won’t be connected to an external monitoring center once the sensor detects a high level of carbon monoxide.


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