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Alert1 has been a medical monitoring firm for more than 20 years, and it has brought that extensive expertise to a good home monitoring service that meets the needs of most customers.

Some of the best features of the Alert1 medical system options include the lack of long-term contracts, free spouse and wall buttons, and the option to extend the voice range of its base station through extender boxes – these are ideal for both large homes and for users who have hearing issues.

The system does have some drawbacks, namely the fact that it does not manage its own call centers. This has not caused any major customer issues, but it may not provide as much comfort as other services that own their own call center – this is purely personal preference so it may not count as a downside in your mind.

Alert1 does make sure that its call center partner adheres to top U.S. standards and it currently has very high customer satisfaction ratings on websites like Consumer Reports as well as on comparison pages like this one.



The company currently offers six different models for the different needs present in the homes of today’s seniors. These options can cover multiple needs, such as falling and push buttons, or meet unique circumstances like not having a home telephone line.

All systems use the standard three-step system of pressing a button for help, speaking with an operator and then waiting for help to arrive.


1. In Home Alert System

The company’s standard system is its classic Home Medical Alert package. The base unit includes a small speaker box with emergency button plus a necklace or wristwatch option. Buttons are 100 percent waterproof, and the base unit has a range of 600 feet.

The system connects to your home phone line and a power outlet and then is good to go. With a press of any of the buttons, you’ll get a fast and helpful response – even if you can’t speak, help will be sent. Setup takes just a couple of minutes and is relatively simple, akin to most other offerings on the market.

The base unit has a 24-hour backup in case the battery fails. It also performs a self-test every 28 days. With this package, and Alert1’s many others, you’ll set up emergency contacts and discuss who to call with the operator.

If you contact emergency services, the Alert1 partner answering your call will also notify family members and caretakers of your medical emergency. Alert1 uses two fully independent US-based Command Centers with CSAA-certified operators.

You can test the service yourself simply by pressing your help button and telling the Alert1 team that you’re performing a test.

Plans for this item start at $29.95 per month.



2. In Home Alert System + Fall Detection Help

If you’re worried about a fall, Alert1 offers a pendant that can detect a fall and wirelessly send a signal for help to the 24/7 Command Center.

It works with a standard base station and is supported within a 600-foot range. The pendant is 100 percent waterproof and has a lifespan of more than two years. The battery in the pendant doesn’t need to be recharged.

The fall detection unit comes preprogrammed, so once you plug in the base unit, everything is ready to go.

When you order, and set up the pendant, you’ll work with a Command Center employee to determine who to contact when you fall so that you can call emergency support or just your family. When the situation is worse, or if you cannot respond, it will always reach out to emergency medical services.

The fall detection service uses the same call centers as the other options.

This system works with motion sensors that can detect a significant fall. Whenever that downward motion is detected, it will automatically call the center, even if you don’t press a help button. The company promises that it has significantly tested the pendant so that your everyday motions won’t set it off.

 When you fall, the system goes through these steps:

  • The pendant senses a fall and alerts the call center.
  • A U.S. operator calls you through the base unit and attempts to make contact. They also notify medical services or emergency personnel.
  • Help is sent to your location, while the operator stays with you until help arrives.

Plans for this service start at $35.95 per month.



3. Mobile Medical Alert System

If you need a medical alert system that can go with you anywhere, look to the “Mobile Medical Alert System” from Alert1, also called a Kelsi. This small square can fit in a pocket or purse and uses a single button to get emergency help. Emergency responders will be able to find you in any location even if you don’t know where you are thanks to this device’s 911-location technology.

It works for up to 2 months on a single charge. Thankfully, you don’t need any other phone service to use the Kelsi.

The square works anywhere that T-Mobile has a network and is good to go even if your cell phone isn’t a T-Mobile phone. The unit has a speaker and microphone with a good range so you can get help and hear what’s being said no matter where you happen to be.

The square is 100 percent shower and water safe, and its charge will last up to 30 days. This package comes with a lanyard as well as attachments for your keychain or a belt loop.

The device arrives ready to use once it’s charged. It also uses the same medical alert system call centers as the other Alert1 devices.

Even if you’re not sure where you are, the device will use its automatic location service detection and GPS detection to find your location within two meters. The system will automatically pass on this information to the call center rep as well as emergency personnel.

Plans for this service start at $49.95 per month



4. Mobile Medical Alert System + Fall Detection

The mobile fall-detection system combines mobile GPS-location technology with advanced fall-detecting features. With this system, you can benefit from medical alert coverage at home and when you’re out doing errands or visiting family and friends.

If you fall, this system will automatically call Alert1’s 24/7 Command Center to get help on the way to you as soon as possible. It uses GPS-location technology to communicate your location to responders, and it has built-in two-way voice capabilities. This item uses AT&T’s cellphone tower information to enable communication with the Command Center.


This Alert1 product, with a central component called the PAX, is listed as “shower safe,” and is made so that you can take fall protection coverage with you wherever you go. The PAX is a little more than 2.5” long and half an inch wide, weighing in at 1.7 ounces. It has a built-in speaker and microphone. The battery life is short compared to the mobile system without fall detection; it will only last for 24 hours compared to 30 days. You don’t need a landline or a cell phone service to use this mobile device. It also doesn’t require the utilization of a base station.

This pendant should be worn around your neck or clipped at your waist to detect falls. The fall-detection technology factors in more than 190 parameters to distinguish a fall from your everyday movements. Alert1’s Mobile Fall Detection System comes with the PAX device, a charging station, a power cord and a lanyard.

Plans for this service start at $49.95 per month.



5. Mobile & Home Alert System + Fall Detection Feature

This product gives you the freedom of on-the-go protection with the PAX Plus with the convenience of wearing a smaller pendant at home. When you go to bed at night, you can wear the wristwatch alarm button so that help is always at your fingertips. The wristwatch does not have fall-detection capabilities; only the included fall-detection pendant and PAX Plus device have that.

This medical alert package from Alert1 is designed to give you the ultimate in flexibility. The PAX Plus has built-in GPS technology and is great to take with you on the go— plus you can’t beat the convenience of its built-in speaker and microphone. However, you may want something more lightweight to wear at home. That’s what the at-home hardware lets you do.

The at-home fall detection pendant doesn’t have a built-in speaker and mic, which makes it even smaller and more lightweight than the PAX Plus. It still provides excellent detection for falls and has an alarm button built in, but it must be used at home within a 600-foot range of the base station.

Finally, the wristwatch gives you the option of medical alert coverage while you sleep or on days you’d rather not wear a pendant. Again, just keep in mind the wristwatch alarm button does not provide fall-detection coverage.

The PAX Plus has a battery life of 24 hours between charges. The in-home fall-detection pendant has a battery that should last for at least two years. The battery in the classic medical alert wristband has a life of five or more years.

Plans for this package start at $59.95 per month.



What Does It Cost?

System Costs from Alert 1

System Monthly Plan Annual Plan
In-Home $39.95 per month $29.95 per month
Home Fall Detection $45.95 per month $35.95 per month
Mobile Medical Alert $59.95 per month $49.95 per month
Mobile Fall Detection $59.95 per month $49.95 per month
Mobile + Home Fall Detection $69.95 per month $59.95 per month

The company says that there are no equipment costs or contracts, and you’ll get a free emergency button for your spouse. The company also provides free shipping for some options and runs a lot of different coupons on its website.


Upgrades & Accessories

  • Wall-Mounted Emergency Button (Price: $39.95)

    Wireless emergency button, Water resistant – place near a bath tub, Secured to a wall – never gets lost , Battery lasts more than 2 years, Backup battery lasts for 24 hours





  • Voice Extender (Price: $99)

    Ideal for multi-story homes and large ranch-style homes. Can be used as a speakerphone for 2-way conversations. Mounts easily on the wall. Available for table-top use. Required connections to power and phone lines





  • Monitored Smoke Detector (Price: $10 per month / per detector)

    They send help even if you can’t reach a phone. Low Battery Detection. 24/7 US-based monitoring. Alarm volume: 95dB at 1 meter. Powered by 3 AAA batteries. Battery life: 3+ year.





  • MedReady Medication Reminder & Organizer (Price: $149.95)

    As simple to set as a digital clock. Extra-large LED display. Program up to four medication reminders per day. Tamper-proof. Includes 48-hour rechargeable battery back-up for power failures or travel. Add additional pill tray and simply switch trays when it’s time to refill.



  • Fall Protection Package (Price: $200)

    Package includes two wall mount buttons and two motion-sensing nightlights, a pack of adhesive tub strips and a 12-piece set of corner guards. Be protected in the most dangerous areas of your home. Convenient wall mount buttons allow you to call for help easily. Motion-sensing nightlights reveal tripping hazards in the dark. The adhesive tub strips create a slip-resistant surface in the tub. The corner guards absorb impact and prevent injury when placed on the edges of angled furniture like tables and fireplaces. This package works in conjunction with your home medical alert system.


  • Extra Medical Alert Button – Wristband (Price: $29.95)

    Features:Wear emergency button on your wrist. Range: 600 ft. from the Alert1 medical alert system base; Connects wirelessly to your base unit. 5-year battery life. Low battery notification light. Press button to answer all incoming phone calls. Waterproof – wear it to shower. Lightweight – feels like a watch. Button also available as a necklace. Available as three colorful slap-on wristbands.




  • Extra Medical Alert Button – Pendant (Price: $29.95)

    Connects wirelessly to the base unit. Generous 600 feet range from the Alert1 medical alert system base. 5-year battery life. Low battery indication light. Can be used to answer all incoming phone calls. Light to wear, like a necklace. Waterproof—can be worn in the shower. Emergency button also available as a wristband. Button chord can be replaced by a fashionable necklace.



  • Extra Fall Detection Pendant (Only For ‘Fall Detection’ Plan Customers) (Price: $35.95)

    Additional button for the Fall Detection Medical Alert System. Range: 600 feet range from the Alert1 medical alert system base. Battery life: 2+ years, Low battery notification. Can be used to answer all incoming phone calls. Light to wear like a necklace. Waterproof—can be worn in the shower.




Extra Mobile Fall Detection Pendant (Only For ‘Mobile Fall Detection’ Plan Customers) (Price: $49.95)

This is an additional button for Alert1’s Mobile Fall Detection Medical Alert System. This part is also known as the PAX and is showerproof to help provide 24/7 fall detection and medical alert coverage. It has a low-battery indicator light and uses GPS technology. Has a two-way speaker for communicating with the Alert1 call center.




Extra PAX Plus Classic Wristband (Only For ‘PAX Plus Mobile + Home Fall Detection’ Plan Customers) (Price: $29.95)

This an additional alarm-button wristband to use with the PAX Plus Mobile and Home Fall Detection System. This wristband is mainly meant to be worn at night when your PAX Plus device is in its charging station. If you need emergency help, just press the alarm button on the wristband.




  • Emergency Lock Box (Price: $39.95)

    Features: Lets EMS enter your home quickly without breaking down your door; the large compartment can hold up to five house, car or padlock keys. Your keys are always safe – reinforced body withstands hammering and sawing. Hang it anywhere – attractive design blends with decor to minimize attention.









Common Questions

“Is there a warranty?”

Yes. The company offers a “no hassle” cancellation policy that allows you cancel anytime. You can receive a 100% refund if you cancel within your first 30 days.

“Do I need a fall sensor?”

The company says you may need the fall sensor if you have passed out in the past three months, if it’s unlikely someone will find you within 10 minutes of a fall, or if you would feel more secure if a help button was not within reach.


Offers 24/7 service with back-up call centers.
Free additional spouse help button.
Free wall mounted help button.
Free lock box with many plans.
No long-term contracts
Voice extender boxes are available
Free 24/7 tech support.
30-day risk free, money-back guarantee
Customer support receives a lot of acclaim
Lots of options for different lifestyles




Does not own or operate its own call centers. Current centers work for multiple service providers.
Some accessories have an extra cost.
No activity monitoring



Final Recommendation

Alert1 is one of the best-reviewed companies and services in the medical alert device space. The company has a strong reputation and offers enough items and accessories that you’ll find a package that fits perfectly to your needs.

The only downside is that it doesn’t operate its own call centers, the negativity of this will depend on the individual. Since the call centers it does use are certified, and the company has little complaints about customer service, it’s hard to say that this is much of a negative.

Alert1 has an excellent fall detection service. Since the fall detection works with its other help call buttons, and the company offers additional buttons or ways to make its system louder, the company deserves a lot of the praise it gets.

We do not sell Alert-1 products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

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