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American Medical Alarms company has been around for over 20 years specializing in medical alert services. They are committed to helping seniors live secure and independent lives. Families often choose to subscribe to one of the medical alert services to help their loved ones stay safe. Seniors with medical conditions or impaired mobility can find it really challenging to stay living in their own home, especially if they are living alone or do not have full time caretakers. Of course, people usually prefer to keep living in their own home in spite of the fact they might be recovering from certain injuries or having medical conditions. Seniors usually do not want to move to homes for elderly or assisted living facilities.

In those situations, medical alert systems can really become essential. All medical alert systems work under the same principle: there is a wearable help button that can connect a user with a call center ready to handle any kind of emergency 24/7 – all with a simple gesture of pushing a button. Thinking about it, this makes a lot of sense. In case of a fall, it can be really difficult to reach a phone to dial 911 and person living alone can be in big trouble if this happens. Help button that medical alert systems provide is wearable and it is easy to press it in any kind of emergency or situation.



So How Does It Work?

American Medical Alarms system consists of a base unit and a help button transmitter. Help button comes in a form of a wearable pendant or a wristband. The base unit needs to be plugged in and connected to a phone line. This base unit is the heart of the system. Therefore, it needs to be placed in a strategic location in the home because a help button transmitter has a limited range. People usually choose to place the base unit in their living room, a place where they will be spending most of their time.

When a user pushes the help button, the base unit places an immediate call to the monitoring center. This is a call center that is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week. Trained agents are waiting for a call and are ready to provide assistance in any kind of emergency. It is worth noting that call center agents usually do not provide any medical related suggestions or are authorized to give any kind of medical advice. Their role is to help users in the case of emergency by organizing external resources. For example, call center agents might contact family members or neighbors to assist the person using the system. Also, call center agents have the possibility to dispatch local emergency response units to the scene. Operators are there to ensure that those who are using the system are protected and that proper help and assistance will be swiftly organized in case anything goes wrong.



Plans and Pricing

Medical Alert System can be leased on yearly, quarterly or monthly basis.

  • Annual price is $287.40 (billed every 12 months)
  • Quarterly price is $74.85 (billed every 3 months)
  • Monthly price is $24.95 (billed every month)

While monthly and quarterly plans cost the same, yearly plan has a slight discount and monthly price in that case comes down to $23.95 for using the system.

*** Additional pendant for a spouse can be purchased for a onetime fee of $35.

The package consists of a base unit and a help button device of your choice. It can be in form of a wristband or a necklace pendant. This is a landline based system, click here to learn more about general features to look for when choosing a medical alert service. The base unit has a built in backup battery that can last up to 18 hours in case of power outage. It is worth noting that pendant is water resistant so it can be used in the shower or in a tub. Not all companies offer water resistant pendants, they are usually splash resistant which means that it cannot handle direct exposure to water. Pendant is designed in such a way so that hearing impaired persons can use it as well. Two-way voice capability is listed as a feature, but from the information we could find on their site it does not seem to be built into the pendant device. Instead, a person communicates with the call center through a high powered speakerphone that is built into the base unit.

American Medical Alarms bring us one of pretty standardized medical alert solutions. This system uses a landline for connection and features one (or more) help button pendants. The system is rather easy to use. In case of emergency, a person pushes the help button located on the wearable pendant or on the central console. Call center agents will respond immediately and they will have all the important information displayed on their computer screen as soon as the call is made. This is the time to assess the nature of the situation. If the situation is not serious, usually family members or neighbors (that are found on the contacts list) would be contacted to assist the person in need. On the other hand, if the emergency is serious – 911 will be dispatched. It is important to always keep the profile information with American Medical Alarms up-to-date so that call center agents have the correct address, combination to a lockbox if there is one, and all the other details such as emergency contacts.

With a system like this, user needs to place the base unit in a convenient location having in mind that communication will be conducted through a speakerphone on this device. Also, the range of the wireless transmitter (help button) highly depends on the location of the base station and surrounding objects, terrain etc. Usually with systems like this one (especially when long range is advertised specifically) help button functions both in the home and around the house, so the person using it can still call for help if something happens around the house or in the garden.


  • Small pendant size
  • Water resistant (can be worn in tub or shower)
  • Long range of 6,000 square feet or 200-300 ft range outside of the home
  • Help button is designed to prevent accidental activation
  • Two-way voice range of 2500-3000 square feet from the central console (pendant does not have two-way voice built in)
  • Compatible with DSL
  • Extra pendant available at an added cost
  • Lockbox can be purchased for an added cost
  • System can be easily relocated to a new home if needed
  • Backup battery with 18-hours capacity



Common Questions

“What happens if I press the help button but cannot speak?”

If call center agent cannot communicate or hear the protected user, local emergency response services will be dispatched to the location immediately. People having a stroke or heart attack might not be able to speak but if they press the help button, help will be on the way.

“Do I need to purchase the equipment?”

No, there is no additional cost for the equipment. Everything is included in the subscription.

“Who installs the system?”

The system is very easy to use, it only requires a user to plug the base unit into the power outlet and connect it to a telephone jack. Many families choose this system because it is easy to install.

“Is there a long term contract?”

No, there is no long term contract. Service can be canceled anytime and you will even get refunds for unused months (if paid annually for example).

“Does pendant have two-way voice functionality?”

No, pendant does not have two-way voice functionality and it is not possible to speak through the pendant or wristband.

“How long does shipping take?”

Free 2-3 day shipping is included when subscribing for the service

“Who answers my calls?”

Trained and certified call operators in a US-based monitoring facility answer your calls 24/7.

“How long does it take for monitoring center to respond to my call?”

On average it takes around 45 seconds from the time your press the button to when the call center agent is with you on the line.




Water resistant pendant
200-300 feet range
Backup battery (18 hours)
Dual US based call centers
Help button is designed in such a way to prevent accidental activation
System supports additional pendant which can be purchased separately
In case of service cancelation, user gets a refund for prepaid months
Small and lightweight pendant
DSL line compatible
No long term contracts and hidden fees
10-day trial period






System works only over a phone landline
Cellular monitoring system is not offered
No mobile alert service available
No automatic fall detection
Pendant or wristband does not have two-way voice functionality built in
No on-site system installation service available
Backup battery might have a bit short battery life in comparison to competition
No advanced features and add-ons such as fire, smoke or carbon monoxide sensors available
No pills dispenser option




Company Info

American Medical Alarms company can be reached via toll free number (800) 542-0438 or via following email address: This company is focused on selling only one medical alert monitoring system on subscription basis. This company is all about the relation with the customers and friendly support. They have dual US based monitoring centers.



Call Center

American Medical Alarms features two US-based monitoring centers. One is in California and the other one is in Texas.

There is also a third, backup monitoring center located in Florida. This ensures that all users will be protected all the time, no matter what. All centers feature several backup systems for all kinds of failures such as power grid problems, communication issues, phone line problems, etc. This means that even in case of natural disasters, one of the call centers will be there to take your call and assist you. This company is UL Listed and FM approved and call center agents are certified trained professionals. It is interesting that monitoring centers are also certified by the department of Defense.



Final Recommendation

Those looking for a simple to install and use medical alert system will find the one provided by American Medical Alarms interesting. This is a relatively low-tech system in terms of using only landline and not featuring any high-tech add-ons such as automatic fall detection, movement data collection, email and text notifications, etc. Nonetheless, this system works great for what it is designed to do. Water resistant pendant is a great option as it can be worn in the tub or in the shower. A lot of help pendants from competition cannot be used in those situations, as they are often only water splash resistant. This system features a base unit and a wearable pendant help button transmitter. Two-way voice communication is done via the speakerphone located on the base unit. The range of this system is satisfying and there are two main call centers available 24/7 with backup third call center facilities ready. Call center agents and trained, professional and friendly.

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