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What is a lockbox?

What is a lockbox? Outdoor lockbox is a box protected with a security code which is placed outside of the user’s home. This allows responders to easily enter the home of a person who needs assistance, while avoiding forced entries, in cases when the users is unable to reach the door and unlock it. The outdoor lockbox is placed somewhere outside the house, usually in the garden, so that responders can access it easily before entering the house.

A Real Life & Money Saver!

In case of a fall or a loss of consciousness, the person will not be able to respond when the help arrives, and the emergency services will have to break in so that they can reach the person in need. Not only does this impose unnecessary costs and expensive repairs, but it may also slow down the emergency services and this can greatly affect the recovery process.

The time lost in the process of breaking in is the time during which the user might be struggling for his life, which is why it is always important to react fast and reach the person in need as soon as possible. The sooner we get the help we need, the better are the chances of our successful recovery, which is why having an outdoor lockbox can really mean a lot when an incident occurs.


How Does It Work?

Lockbox always has a code which unlocks it. It looks like a big padlock. The lockbox can store one or several keys, that are used to gain access to the home. When a user signs up for a medical alert service, the code of the lockbox and entry instructions are added to the user’s profile, which is available to the call center agents who are in charge of accepting the calls. This way, the call center agents can give the lockbox code to emergency response teams or others providing assistance, and therefore provide easy access to the home of the person in need.

Where to get a Lockbox?

Outdoor lock box is not an integral part of the basic medical alert systems offered by companies on the market, but it is so often provided as an optional upgrade, available at an additional cost.

  • One-time cost – In most cases, the lock box comes at a one-time cost, which means that you will pay the price of the outdoor lock box when signing up for this upgrade and there will be no additional costs associated with this type of upgrade.
  • Monthly subscription – On the other hand, some companies do charge the lock box on monthly subscription basis, and this can really ramp up the overall costs.

List of companies offering a lockbox in some of their plans:

  • LifeFone (From our top 10 companies list)
    Available in three options. Hanging master Lock Box and wall mounted master Lock Box cost $39.95 each. There is also a Medi-Lok hanging Lock Box that is available at $29.95.


Additional Companies:


Can you buy it separately?

Sure! You just need to confirm with the medical alert company if it is possible to add the code and the location of your lockbox on your profile which will be created for you when you sign up for medical alert service. Here are some reliable products available on Amazon:

Click on the link below to enter Amazon.


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    Gail Morrison April 20, 2018 at 12:02 am

    Hi I just signed a lease yesterday for a Phillips Lifeline, The guy Roger who installed it really went great detail about how it is used, He set it up, did an excellent and thorough job. Kudos to his professionalism as well. He asked when he was setting up my responders if they had a key etc, and he mentioned briefly a lock box. Then today I was reading over the material he gave me and again a lock box was mentioned.
    What a wonderful idea. I was wondering if I could purchase one and have the code put into my profile as my responders have a key but EHS does not. and if the responders are not around then EHS would have to break down the door. Please contact me and tell me how I can purchase an oudside ( not hanging) one and have it added to my profile. I would want to purchase it One time only not have it added to my service.

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