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When it comes to safety of our loved ones, there is really no space for any kind of compromise. Senior parents living home alone should consider getting one of medical alert systems available on the market.

These systems provide an additional layer of safety and independence. Usually, family members get them for their elderly parents to make sure they will be fine even when they are not around to take care of them. Medical alert systems consist of a wearable help button. In case help is needed in any kind of situation that might occur, a user can push the button and talk through the pendant with the help call center which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to handle any kind of emergency situation.

LifeRun is a company selling a handy medical alert system, which is there to help make life safer and more independent. System like this is suitable for seniors and also anyone at-risk of falling or having a medical emergency. Also, systems of this kind can prevent crime and theft in the sense that users can for example call the call center while answering the unannounced visitor at the door. Last but not least, in case of fire or flood, people wearing the help button can easily call for help.



So How Does It Work?

Users should wear the help button all the time as this is the only way to guarantee they will get the most of out of the medical service such as this one. The help button device comes in several options: as a pendant, wristband or a wall mounted button. There is also a base unit which is the central part of the system. This unit is just like a base unit of a regular wireless phone. It needs to be connected to a phone line to operate. Now, when a user presses the help button on his wearable device, a signal is sent to the base unit. Base unit then dials an emergency call center provided by LifeRun. This center is called LifeRun monitoring station. There are agents on standby waiting for this call 24/7. Person can hear and talk to the call center agents through their wearable device.

The process of setting up the base unit and testing the device is pretty simple. You should plug in the base unit console and then plug in the jack into the wall.

You will then plug your phone to the unit and turn on the unit.

Once this is finished, you are ready to test the pendant and the unit.

When the call is made, a call center will already have all the information about the user on their screen as well as special care instructions. Care instructions are provided when signing up for the service. These instructions include information about the protected person as well as how to handle different types of emergencies. There would be family members and neighbors listed on the contact list. If the emergency is not life threatening, agent might contact those people from the list to go and assist the person in need. For example, if senior falls and cannot get up, yet he is not hurt – a neighbor who has the key to the home would be contacted for assistance.

Of course, the type of action taken by call center agents really depends on the actual emergency care instructions supplied when starting to use the service. When emergency happens, call center agents would also notify loved ones or doctors on the developing situation, depending on personal preferences. If the emergency is life threatening or user requests it via two-way pendant device – local emergency response services are sent directly to the location.



Plans and Pricing

LifeRun Medical Alert Systems offers only one type of system to their customers. This system uses a phone landline for communication with the call center. It is also possible to answer incoming phone calls, by pressing the button on the pendant and using two-way speaker on the base unit.

  • LifeRun Medical Alert System – annual plan is priced at $299.40
  • LifeRun Medical Alert System – quarterly plan is priced at $83.85


  • Two-way voice pendant device
  • Programmable self testing intervals
  • Can be programmed remotely over the phone
  • Wearable pendant self tests every 13 hours
  • 6 months of standby time and several hours of talk time with one charge of the pendant lithium ion battery
  • 4 pendants or wall button can be programmed to one base unit
  • Water resistant pendant
  • Rechargeable batteries for base station
  • Range of 600 ft inside and outside of the home
  • Lightweight pendant (1.4oz-41g)
  • 24-hour emergency battery backup

All equipment provided by LifeRun comes with lifetime warranty and it will be replaced free of charge if anything malfunctions. In case there is a power failure, the system will still function using the backup battery. It is worth noting that this company is focused on providing only one medical alert product. There are no mobile or cellular units available or any other add-ons. This being said, other systems can also get overwhelming with all the options and add-ons while this system is rather straightforward. It will satisfy basic medical alert needs for most users seeking for a landline based solution.





Common Questions

“How do I program LifeRun system?”

LifeRun is programmed by the person who installs the system or agent setting up account for you. This device can also be programmed remotely.

“Do I need a landline to use this system?”

Yes, you need a landline line to use this system. It is not possible to use this system with a cellular service.

“How does two-way voice communication work, do I need to be close to the base station?”

No, you do not need to be close to the base station to use two-way voice. There is a speaker and microphone built in the wearable pendant device. This means that you will be able to talk to and hear call center agents from any location in and outside of the house as long as you stay in the range.

“What is the range of this system?”

This system covers approximately 600 ft. This distance depends on the home configuration, materials as well as surrounding terrain. Usually, it is enough to make the system operate both in the home and in the garden or near vicinity of it.

“Do call center agents know who I am when I press the help button?”

Yes, when user presses the help button – call center agents receiving the call can immediately see on screen all the information about you including location, emergency contacts and other preferences.

“Is the system water resistant?”

Wearable pendant device is not officially water resistant but it is water spray resistant. This means that the system can be used in the shower but it is highly advisable that the system is kept away from sope and direct water. Since accidents and falls can happen while in shower, the pendant device should be hanged somewhere close where the user, in case of a fall, can reach it.

“Is there an activation fee?”

No, there is no activation fee for this service.

“How much is shipping?”

The shipping is free.




Two-way voice pendant
Water resistant pendant
Several pendants can work with one base station
600 ft range
Lightweight wearable device
Emergency backup battery
Self testing system






No pills dispenser option
Only works over a landline
No mobile medical alert solution
No lock box, smoke or water detector add-ons available
No auto fall detection
Only one type of system offered
No backup call center




Company Info

LifeRun is a company from Bridgeview, Illinois. Their contact number is 800-421-3366 and customers can get support or ask questions via following email addresses: and This company takes pride in the fact that their call center is US based.



Call Center

LifeRun call center is based in the United States and has EMT certified agents. This means that customers will be getting quality assistance. There are Spanish speaking operators always on duty, too. There is also support for deaf and hearing impaired persons. The call center is UL accredited. LifeRun organizes intensive and detailed training for their agents over the course of six weeks. We were not able to find information about their backup strategies and can assume that this service does not have additional backup call center facilities on hand. This can mean possible issues in case of natural disasters or when call center is overwhelmed by client calls.




Final Recommendation

Overall, LifeRun offers a nice and personal medical alert service. They specialize in only one specific type of system which can suit the needs of most users. The system is landline based and does not have all the advanced features some of the other companies offer, but for those who are looking for a system which uses a phone landline for operation and do not need those advanced features – it can present a nice value. Wearable help button device features two-way speaker on it, and it can be used to answer regular calls as well.

We do not sell Life Run products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

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