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Monitronics Security offers a vast array of medical alert systems. These systems help senior citizens to live independently in their own homes. This is usually what most people prefer and an alternative to assisted living facilities or moving in with the loved ones. However, seniors living alone can face different situations. These might require immediate assistance, especially if there are some underlying medical conditions, which can cause an emergency.

Medical alert systems are designed in such a way to provide an additional layer of security and comfort in those situations. These systems among other components feature a help button in form of a wearable pendant. Seniors can press this button to get assistance in case anything happens.

Usually, systems like the one Monitronics provides are purchased by family or caretakers who feel they need to provide their loved ones with another layer of protection, when they are not around.

It is worth noting that this service, as opposed to lots of other medical alert services out there, integrates medical monitoring with a more standard home alarm and security systems. This can be good for those who are looking for a more complete home security system. Others who just need the medical monitoring service might be a little bit disappointed as the systems are a bit more costly due to included standard home security features and add-on sensors that come bundled in medical monitoring packages.

This company also offers advanced technology for those who would like to get into home automation and install additional sensors such as the ones for smoke or water detection.

You can check out the buyer’s guide to learn more about features and options you should be looking for when considering a specific medical alert service.



So How Does It Work?

Monitronics provides a medical alert service and the system can work alongside your existing alarm system. There is a pendant device that is worn by the protected person and which features a help button. If there is an emergency, protected person can press the button to get in touch with a 24/7 monitoring center.

There is a speaker and microphone inside the control panel unit that is used for communication between the user and monitoring center agents. If call center agents do not get a clear response from the protected person or cannot establish a communication – emergency services will be automatically dispatched to the location. All call center operators are CSAA certified.

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury in those older than 65. Repercussions of those injuries can even lead to death. Statistics say that those who fall once have significantly increased chances to fall again. This is especially problematic for those living alone in their homes. We can never know when the fall might happen and sometimes due to an injury or other factors it is not possible to call for help. What makes medial alert service like the one provided by Monitronics highly valuable in these situations is the wearable pendant device.

If a fall does happen, it is highly likely that the person will be able to reach the wearable pendant that is worn around the neck or wrist and push the button. This means that there will always be someone to help in case things go wrong.

People with different medical conditions such as hearing or vision impairment, Parkinson’s disease, cardio vascular conditions and others are in high risk group. It is important to ensure their safety and support their independent life, especially when caretakers are not around. When the help button on the wearable device is activated, the signal is sent to Monitronics wirelessly, as long as the device is within the range of the security system. It is worth noting that this company does not only offer medial alert service, rather full home security system and automation solutions.

To get started, you should check out different packages Monitronics has to offer. Customers are required to request a quote via their website and leave their first and last name as well as zip code, phone number and email address. This way Monitronics’ agents can make contact with local authorized dealers and schedule a free home security assessment.



Plans and Pricing


1. HomeTouch Care

This package comes at starting price of $46.95 per month. There is also a $149 activation fee for this package. This system contains FREE equipment and services in the value of $925.


  • Installation
  • Extended Service
  • 1 full color touch screen keypad
  • 1 pet sensitive motion detector
  • 3 door or window sensors
  • 1 keychain remote
  • Yard sign and window decals
  • Medical pendant or watch

Monthly service includes medical, heat, water, freeze, smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring which might require extra equipment purchase.

Additional features of this version of the system include:

  • Remote arm or disarm
  • Local weather alerts
  • Email and text alert notifications



2. HomeTouch Care Plus

This system has a starting price of $56.95 per month. As with the other version of the system, there is an additional $149 activation fee.

This system includes free equipment valued at $995.


  • Installation
  • Extended service
  • 1 full color touch screen keypad
  • 1 pet sensitive motion detector
  • 3 door or window sensors
  • 1 keychain remote
  • Yard sign and window decals
  • Medical pendant or watch
  • 1 indoor video camera

With additional equipment this system can provide water, heat, smoke, freeze and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Additional features of this version of the system include:

  • Remote arm and disarm
  • Local weather alerts
  • Email and text alert notifications
  • Two-way voice
  • Remote live and recorded video for preselected activities

Features which come at additional equipment charge:

  • Remote lighting control
  • Remote appliance control
  • Remote garage door control
  • Remote thermostat control
  • Remote lock control


Both of the pricing plans come with medical pendant or watch devices. The second one also comes with two-way voice option. Two-way communication is an important add-on feature worth considering.




Common Questions

“How can I sign up for Monitronics systems?”

You can sign up for the system by contacting Monitronics’ sales department via 800-290-0709 or by filling in your contact information through the website. The Monitronics team will get in touch with you and provide information about your local authorized dealer.

“What is Home Touch?”

Home Touch is a modern home security system Monitronics Company provides. This is a sophisticated alarm system with many add-on features. What makes it modern and easy to install is the wireless control panel unit that is at the heart of the system. This unit can be accessed via computer, smartphone or tablets and it does not require a phone landline to operate.

“How can I get additional equipment for my system?”

You can purchase additional equipment from a local authorized Monitronics dealer. It is advised to do this at the time of installation, but you can also do it later on.

“What happens when I need to move to a new location?”

Monitronics will set you up with a new system at your new location. All monthly payment plans include free equipment, installation and extended service. There is no needed to pay the activation fee again if you are moving your system.

“What is the availability of the call center?”

Call center is available 24/7, ready to handle any kind of emergency.

“Do you provide medical alert service as standalone?”

Medical alert service is integrated in the existing home alarm services provided by Monitronics. This means that you do need to purchase one of the home security plans which include regular home alarm features (such as windows and door sensors) in order to use the medical alert service.

“What happens if call center agents cannot establish communication with the protected person in case the help button is activated?”

Call center agents will try to establish a communication with the person using the central system unit or two-way voice pendant. If there is no answer, local emergency services will be dispatched to the location immediately.

“Are there any add-ons that I can purchase?”

Yes, Monitronics Security provides a range of other home automation and security technologies. There are water, heat, smoke, freeze and carbon monoxide monitoring options available with the purchase of additional equipment.




Two-way voice communication
24 hour call center
Modern touch screen control panel
Complete home security system in addition to medical alert service
Additional sensors available for water, heat, smoke, freeze and carbon monoxide detection
Email and text alert notifications
Availability of home automation add-ons
Indoor video camera feature with remote access
CSAA certified call center operators
Water resistant pendant






Medial alert service does not come as a standalone solution, rather user needs to sign up for one of home security systems to be able to use medical alert service
Lots of add-on sensors and features come at an additional cost
Two-way voice feature not included in more basic HomeTouch Care system
Local authorized dealer is needed for system to be installed in your home
Those who sign up cannot install the system by themselves
Long term contracts (monthly rate is based on 36 month or 60 month agreements)
Medical alert system is not designed to work outside of the home




Company Info

Monitronics is a recognized company in the security industry. They specialize in home security systems and alarm monitoring solutions. This company is serving more than 1 million homes and businesses across the USA and has received numerous awards including Consumers’ Choice Award for four consecutive years now. This company specializes in a number of home security systems and services including medical alert service.



Final Recommendation

Monitronics is one of the biggest home security companies out there. Usually medial alert services are standalone products. In case of Monitronics, they incorporate medical alert service into their highly advanced home security system. This means that users can now enjoy a top notch and modern home security system with tons of different add-on features available (such as fire or water sensors, remote video monitoring and streaming etc) along with seamlessly integrated medical alert service in form of a pendant button device. There is an experienced call center available with trained agents ready to respond to any kind of emergency.

The solutions Monitronics provides could be a little bit too advanced and costly to some but there are some highly useful features available such as live video monitoring with remote access. Caretakers can use this functionality to monitor their loved ones to ensure their welfare. Live video, which can be accessed remotely, is a feature most of other medical alert systems do not have.

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