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Galaxy Medical Alert Systems is a personal medical and security company with a strong background in personal protection and emergency response for individual homes as well as senior living communities and centers. It operates in both Canada and the U.S.

The company stands out with a set of yard protections to help with Alzheimer’s as well as a response center that is CSAA 5-Star rated. This rating is a certification that all operators maintain the most recent certifications to assess and address emergency medical situations. In any event or danger, you’ll get the best of help.

The system can also be used to track others and monitor the activities in your home, so you have a lot of safety and security options with the Galaxy Medical team.

All of its products operate in a simple three-step process of

  1. Pressing an emergency help button on one of many devices;
  2. Speaking to a certified care professional to assess the situation; and
  3. Getting the help you need, whether it is a doctor call, family member assistance, or an emergency medical vehicle sent to your home.



Galaxy Medical Alert Systems offers a good set of options for your home protection and medical care needs:

  • Home System
  • Home & Yard System
  • Fall Detection System
  • Cellular System
  • Home & Away System with GPS

The services have different functions and price options, but some can be mixed and matched. The fall protection is one of the better developed and thankfully they all support multiple kinds of phone lines, from tradition to those you get from an Internet service or other non-traditional company.


1. Home System

The Home System is a personal emergency response option that allows you to quickly contact emergency services through your home phone line. The base unit connects to a wide range of home telephone systems and it’s one of the few that doesn’t need a special item or additional cost to work with voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, cable phones, or traditional home phone lines.


The base unit has a simple, single help button that allows for instant access to the emergency service and it also works with a pendant or watch-like button, both of which are among the smallest of the mainline buttons we’ve reviewed.

Customers say the microphone and speaker work very well and are both easy to hear and easy to use. This base unit will continue to work for 60 hours after a power outage and the system also includes a lockbox for your front door and a paramedic fridge magnet. When setting up your service, you’ll provide a list of contact information for your doctor and family members. This information is also on the fridge magnet.

When you order the package, you’ll get a single box with:

  • Home System main console
  • Power plug for the Home System
  • Telephone cord already plugged in to the proper area
  • Personal help button
  • Lockbox with pre-programmed code
  • Paramedic fridge magnet
  • Medical information and paperwork to fill out and send back to Galaxy Medical Alert Systems

This system costs $29.95 on a monthly contract or $299.50 on a yearly contract (that’s around $25 a month).


2. Home and Yard System

For the more active senior, especially those who love to be outdoors or in the garden, Galaxy Medical Alert Systems offers its Home and Yard System that can provide you an operational range of 500 feet for the emergency assistance button.

This service seems popular with those who live fully by themselves because of its large coverage area and its ability to operate across multiple levels of a home.

The Home and Yard base station operates similarly to the Home System though there is less focus on the device as the communication portal for your emergency needs. That’s because the Home and Yard System features a two-way voice pendant that allows you to speak with the help center professionals from the pendant itself.

This means you can get support and help wherever you are near your home. If you live with others who may also need help, the base station can support up to 4 pendants at any time and will properly match the pendant with the emergency call. The two-way pendant can be worn around the neck, as a bracelet or as a belt clip. They are also water resistant so you can wear it in the shower.

If you select the Home and Yard System, you’ll get the following items in your box:

  • Home and Yard System main console
  • Power plug for the system
  • Telephone cord already plugged in
  • Two-way voice personal help button
  • Lanyard, belt clip, and wrist strap
  • Lockbox with pre-programmed code
  • Paramedic fridge magnet
  • Medical information and paperwork to fill out and send back to Galaxy Medical Alert Systems

This system costs $34.95 on a monthly contract or $349.50 on a yearly contract (that’s around $29 a month).


3. Fall Detection System

A single fall can change your life and the response to those events can make a lot of difference in how quickly you recover and get back on your feet once again.

If you’re concerned about falls in your home, Galaxy Medical Alert Systems offers a system that specifically adds in fall detection to its home protection and medical safety services. It uses a standard base station plus a specialized pendant.

The Fall Detection System is set up to alert for a fall at any time and set up the two-way voice communication after the fall is detected. The system waits 10 seconds after the fall and if no movement such as sitting up is detected, it will transmit an alarm and signal for emergency help. The emergency center worker will try to reach you and if they can’t help will be sent with the assumption that you’re unconscious or unable to move.

The fall pendant also includes a traditional emergency help button that can be pressed at any time to provide a standard alert. This is often used if a fall doesn’t result in loss of consciousness but help is still needed. It will also alert you if the battery is low.

A nice feature of the unit is that the pendant works for up to 600 feet away from the base station. You can also hook it up to any smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that you currently use. The base station will last up to 32 hours in the event of a power outage.

For the Fall Detection System, you’ll get the following items:

  • Fall Detection System console
  • Power plug for the system
  • Telephone cord already plugged in
  • Emergency fall button and help button (pendant only)
  • Lockbox with pre-programmed code
  • Paramedic fridge magnet
  • Medical information and paperwork to fill out and send back to Galaxy Medical Alert Systems

This system costs $39.95 on a monthly contract or $399.50 on a yearly contract (that’s around $32 a month).


4. Cellular System

If you don’t have a standard phone line or a phone line from your Internet service provider, you can still get coverage through the Galaxy Medical Alert Systems’ Cellular System.

The service uses 3G and 4G connections to provide you with instant, emergency support and it even allows you to add a fall detection pendant to your offering.

The Cellular System operates in the same fashion as the Home System, expect that you only need to plug it into a power outlet. You’re also getting everything in the box except for the phone cord.

This system costs $44.95 on a monthly contract or $449.50 on a yearly contract (that’s around $38 a month).


5. Home & Away System with GPS

More than just a panic button, the Home & Away System with GPS offers instant hands-free communication, automated fall detection, GPS location services, and remotely managed two-way voice communication with the Galaxy Medical Alert Response Centrer.



An additional personal help button that can work for the Home System or Cellular System can be purchased for a one-time cost of $39.95.

Additional accessories include:

  • Two-way voice pendant for use with Home and Yard system: $95.00.
  • Extra emergency wall communicator for Home and Yard system: $95.00.
  • Separate fall detection pendant: $95.00. This pendant can work with multiple different system options, not just the default fall system.



Common Questions

“How long is the response time?”

On average it takes 40 seconds for the call center to reach out to you after a button is pressed or a fall is detected.

“Is there a warranty?”

Yes, you get a warranty that lasts as long as you pay for the service. The company covers and replaces normal wear and tear, so you’ll want to check with the company if something gets damaged.

“What happens if something breaks?”

Items are replaced during normal wear and tear, including most falls. You may be charged if the company feels that a product has been abused or misused.

“Are there penalties for canceling a service?”

You have to maintain the service for 90 days but after that you can cancel anytime for free.

“Is there a refund?”

After the 90 day trial you can return the products for a refund. The company will refund any unused time on prepaid plans, but you must return equipment in proper working order.

“Can I exchange or return items?”

You can return or exchange your pendant in the first 30 days to receive a different option.




Provides emergency medical support in over 150 languages.
Very small but easy-to-use buttons.
Fall system also works with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
Lots of great services and add-ons.
Cheap prices
Works across all of U.S. and Canada.
CSAA 5-Star rated call centers.




Some products have a small range while others have a very good range
No medication tracking options
The company is relatively new to this space so reviews and information is limited compared to some competitors.
No complete option for working or moving outside of the home.



Final Recommendation

Galaxy Medical Alert Systems offers a wide range of medical services and fall protections that are priced well and can meet your individual needs. The company seems relatively new and growing but it has a loyal group of customers that give it praise.

It’s a top-notch service for those who are mostly at home and in the yard. The CSAA 5-Star rated will provide a lot of comfort for the seniors using the service and their family members. You’ll get a good quality offering while still keeping independence and meeting your mobility needs.


We do not sell GalaxyMedicalAlert products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

Have you tried the services from GalaxyMedicalAlert? Do you have thoughts you think our readers should hear? Scroll down and give us your feedback so we can help everyone choose the right medical alarm system to keep them safe and sound.

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    Patrick Mothersill February 12, 2017 at 4:10 pm
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    When I decided I needed some sort monitoring system for myself, I spent about 6 weeks online investigating about seven or eight different products and systems. After examining a lot of them and their capabilities, I realised that my situation needed a bit of a unique system. Many of the other companies didn’t have the type of system I needed and those that did were much more expensive or had contracts that penalised you financially if you wanted out early and others required you to buy a unit for 3 or 4 hundred dollars. Galaxy had many excellent reviews online, which were impressive and reassuring. During this time Chris had been extremely helpful with suggesting a unit that would do the functions I needed and explaining everything I needed to know about how it worked. And the cost was a very reasonable monthly rental payment with no added extra charges. After filling out all the paperwork online, the unit arrived in only two days. Over the phone Chris walked me through the setup step by step, answering any questions I had along the way. My system is now up and running. It does everything Chris said it would do and I couldn’t be happier. The following is a list of the pros and cons of Galaxy. Pros – professional, reliable, knowledgeable, reassuring, friendly, helpful, affordable, great customer service and reputation. Cons – I honestly can’t think of any. It was a pleasure dealing with Chris. The Galaxy system has now put my mind at ease and I highly recommend it. Thanks Galaxy.

    + PROS: Great customer service Easy to use Cheap price
    - CONS: Not aware of any
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