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MobileAlertSystems is a service that allows people to summon help with a push of a button in case of an emergency. What makes this company very different from most of other companies, providing medical alert services, is that this one brings us only a mobile solution. Most of other companies offer home based systems with a range of options to choose from, while some of them might also offer mobile solutions. MobileAlertSystems, on the other hand, only sells one specific, home and mobile integrated system. This means that the system and services will be fully optimized to provide quality assistance on the go.

Medical alert systems help seniors maintain their independence, especially if they are living home alone. Family members and caretakers are never around 24/7, and we never know when emergency situation might happen. In these kind of situations, having a mobile alert service can come in really handy. Person using the system can summon help easily, at the push of a button and this brings peace of mind to both users of the system, as well as their family. Independent living can present a challenge for those with certain medical conditions, and helping them stay safe is always a major goal for their family and loved ones.



So How Does It Work?

A person using the medical alert system will receive a help button. This is a small device in a form of a wristband or necklace pendant. A person using the system can push the help button in case assistance is needed. When the button is pressed, a signal is sent to the response center along with the user’s location.

Call center agent gets to see all the information about the user asking for help on their computer screen at the response center. A two-way voice communication will be established, and call center agent will try to get in contact with the person in need. The call center agent will ask questions to determine the nature of the emergency and to figure out which steps should be taken to resolve it. Based on the situation, appropriate help will be sent to the location. If the user is at home, neighbors or loved ones would be contacted for assistance. Of course, if it is a life threatening situation – local emergency response teams would be sent to the location.

The big difference between this system compared to other home-based only medical alert systems is that it works anywhere. This is a mobile alert system and it means that user can take it on the go. When going to the store, when driving a car or jogging. It works anywhere where there is AT&T network coverage. The system comes with in-home base station unit that provides the same functionality as traditional medical alert systems at home. There is also a mobile device, which can be taken anywhere else to provide freedom to those using the system outdoors.

The system like this is very practical. When a person is at home, there is a stationary base station to which his wearable help button connects to wirelessly. When on the go, the user takes a handheld device with him in addition to the help button. The help button is used only for sending a distress signal, all the other functionality is built into the home base station or handheld mobile device. Since handheld mobile device runs on battery power when on the go, it needs to be charged on regular basis. There is an included charger in the package.

When signing up, a user provides MobileAlertSystems with personal profile information, as well as preferences in case of emergencies. For example, the user would leave the emergency contacts list, updated home address and any other instructions such as who call center agents should get in touch with first if anything goes wrong. The user can request that local medical emergency response services are sent directly to the location whenever something happens, and when it is not possible to establish communication. On the other hand, depending on preferences, it can be arranged that in those situations family members or neighbors are contacted first. The goal is to make the service as flexible as possible, and tailored to individual user’s needs.



Plans and Pricing

Mobile alert system comes at the price of $39.95 per month.

When it comes to MobileAlertSystems company, there is only one system users can subscribe for, so in a way, users can more easily decide on the system they want to get as MobileAlertSystems is focused on bringing a fully integrated solution. Their system works both inside the home where it acts like a traditional medical alert system, while there is also a mobile pendant, which can be taken anywhere outside. Merge between traditional in-home system and mobile solution makes this product highly practical.

Usually, active seniors who like to take walks, travel or do gardening are ones who choose to go for a mobile system like this one as it provides an additional layer of safety as well as piece of mind knowing a help is just a push of a button away.


  • No installation and activation fee
  • Free equipment
  • No long term contract
  • Works over cellular network (AT&T)
  • Two-way voice communication on the go over handheld mobile device
  • In-home traditional base station unit for home coverage
  • 2 pendant options: necklace or wristband
  • 24/7 response and support center
  • GPS technology
  • Range of 350 feet from the base unit

To clarify, help button device does not feature two-way voice functionality. It is just a button that sends a signal to the base unit. When the user is on the go, he needs to take an additional handheld mobile device with him.

This is like a base station unit, but it works on the go and it is portable. When home, two-way voice communication is handled by a built-in speakerphone on the base unit station. One great feature of this system is the built-in GPS tracking technology in the mobile device. When a user makes a call, the location is shown on the screen to the call center agents. This means that if the user was out hiking and does not know his exact location, emergency response teams will be able to find him anyway using GPS location obtained from the handheld mobile device. Usually, conveying information to emergency services on current location can be difficult at times and when on the move, yet providing precise location is essential to receiving medical attention quickly, especially in times when every second matters. By the way, even though medical alert service is the primary use for a system like the one provided by MobileAlertSystems, there are lots of other uses for it. Call center agents can place calls on your behalf to police or fire departments too, or stay on the line while you check who is at the door or snooping around the house.

Common Questions

“Is there a way to test the system?”

Yes, a system can be tested by pressing the help button and holding it for two seconds. A call center agent will respond and you need to state that it was a test to avoid emergency services being dispatched to the location. It is advised to test the system at least once a month.

“Are there different styling options available for the help button?”

Yes, there are essentially three options. There is a black or white option for a wrist pendant and necklace device comes only in white.

“Does the system work outside of my home?”

When leaving home, you need to bring along the handheld mobile device. This is a sort of base unit but designed to be portable and taken on the go. Of course, help button should be worn at all times both inside and outside of the home.

“What if I press the help button by mistake?”

This is not a problem, just wait for the call center agent to answer the call and explain what happened.

“What if I cannot use the system for an extended period of time?”

Some users due to hospital or rehabilitation stays cannot use the system for several months. In this case, contact with billing department should be made to arrange that paid time that is not used in the future is not billed or that it should be credited for later use.

“Are there any hidden fees?”

No, there are not hidden fees or long term contracts. Installation, activation and equipment are free and included in the price of the subscription.

“What happens when I push the help button and call center agents cannot hear me?”

If call center agents cannot hear the person via handheld device, they will try to establish communication via home phone. If not successful, they will contact your emergency contacts. Depending on what user prefers, local emergency services or relatives would be contacted for assistance.




24/7 call center
Mobile and home based system
Cellular system that works anywhere where there is AT&T coverage
Range of 350 ft from the base unit/handheld device
Charging pod for the mobile unit
No landline necessary
Multiple help button options
No hidden fees or equipment additional charges
GPS tracking technology built-in
Two-way voice communication via handheld device
Waterproof help button
2-in-1 system that comes with traditional base station for home use






No automatic fall detection
No two-way voice functionality built into the help button pendants
No movement tracking and notifications
It is not possible to purchase add-ons such as Lockbox
No smoke detectors, fire alarms or carbon monoxide monitors available
No remote video monitoring option
System cannot work over a landline if user prefers that option
No wellness data available




Company Info

MobleAlertSystems are brought by Connect America. Customers can contact MobileAlertSystems sales department via phone (1-800-800-1416) or email ( The company headquarters are located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Here is the customer service number: 1-800-906-0872. Opening hours are Monday through Sunday from 8:30 AM to 9 PM EST.



Call Center

MobileAlertSystems utilize a US-based call center, which they refer to as a response center. Call center operators will stay on the line with the person if needed, until help arrives on the scene. This brings reassurance. Call center agents are trained to assist in any kind of emergency. Monitoring center is available 24 hours, 7 days a week all year round. We were not able to find information on the number of call centers this company utilizes or any details on their certification. We suggest users to check these details with MobileAlertSystems sales team before signing up. Click here to find more details on what to look for when choosing a medical alert company.

Final Recommendation

MobileAlertSystems is a bridge between traditional medical alert service for home use and a fully mobile solution that users can take anywhere with them. When choosing a medical alert service, it can be difficult to choose between stationary and mobile systems, so this product comes right at the sweet spot, so we can assume it would fit most of potential users out there. A feature set is standard among medical alert systems and there are not too many downsides with this system.

We do not sell MobileAlertSystems products, only review it. We’ve located a great retailer for you to get this service and they can be found at

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