Holiday Activities For Grandparents & Grandchildren

The holidays are a great time for families to get together, and provide loads of opportunities for grandparents and their grandchildren to do fun activities together.  Whether you’re an active senior who loves to get outside, or more into teaching your grandchildren classic arts and crafts skills, there are plenty of fun holiday activities to keep kids of all ages entertain!


Snowy Fun

We all dream of a white Christmas, so consider yourself lucky if the snow has fallen in your neck of the woods this holiday season! While limited mobility may keep some seniors from engaging in more active pursuits such as skiing, snowboarding, or even sledding, building a snowman (or even a snow family!) is a great activity for grandparents to do with their grandchildren. Add fun touches like patterned scarves or carrot noses for a more distinctive creation, or even create a snow Santa and some snow reindeer to greet the real thing on Christmas Eve!

Before everyone goes outside for some snowy fun, be sure both grandparents and grandchildren are bundled up with coats, gloves, and hats. Grandparents might also want to invest in a medical alert system so that their doctor or healthcare professional can be easily alerted should anything go wrong.



Winter Arts & Crafts

From baking to painting to decorating, there are a wide variety of winter crafts that grandparents can do with their grandkids! If the grandkids are looking forward to Christmas, help them decorate the tree with some handmade ornaments. Paint popsicle sticks to resemble elves, snowmen, Santa Claus, or even reindeer before adding other fun touches: a bit of cotton for Santa’s beard, a few colorful buttons on the snowman, or felt antlers on the reindeer! Glue a loop of gold ribbon to the back of the popsicle stick for decorative hanging – it looks great and is much safer than wire hangers!

Another fun (and edible!) winter craft is making plenty of festive cookie pops, which can then be decorated with snowmen, angels, holly leaves, or any other design that takes your fancy! These cookie pops are great for many reasons: there’s no baking involved (so no mess or crazy cleanup!) and the grandkids have the freedom to decorate the cookies however they like. Double-stuffed Oreos (or other sandwich cookie) work the best, and while melted white chocolate is usually used to coat the cookie pops as a base for your decorative design, milk or dark chocolate work great too – especially if you’re making reindeer! You can even place a few of the finished cookie pops in a clear cellophane bag and tie them up with a festive bow for a great gift!



Classic Holiday Films

After a long day of building snowmen and making creative decorations and goodies, there’s nothing better than relaxing in front of a warm fire and a classic holiday film. From the 1940s classic It’s a Wonderful Life to newer classics such as Home Alone and Elf, these holiday films are the perfect activity for both grandparents and their grandchildren to enjoy. Turn a night in front of the TV into something extra special by serving up some rich and decadent hot cocoa or by passing around a plate of homemade cookies (such as the winter-themed cookie pops!) for everyone to enjoy. Snuggled up in winter pajamas or under cozy throws, a family holiday movie night can truly warm the spirit!



The holiday season is a magical time for the family to spend together, and present plenty of great opportunities for grandparents to make lasting memories with their grandchildren. Try out one (or all!) of these activities for a guaranteed fun time that the whole family can enjoy!


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