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“Medical Alert System” from American Medical Alarms
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$23.95 – $24.95

In-Home Use
Mobile System
Landline Connection
Cellular Connection
GPS Tracking
Fall Detection Feature
Two-Way Pendant

About American Medical Alarms

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American Medical Alarms company is focused on selling only one medical alert monitoring system on subscription basis. This company is all about the relation with the customers and friendly support.

Their Call Center

American Medical Alarms features two US-based monitoring centers. One is in California and the other one is in Texas. There is also a third, backup monitoring center located in Florida. This ensures that all users will be protected all the time, no matter what. All centers feature several backup systems for all kinds of failures such as power grid problems, communication issues, phone line problems, etc. This means that even in case of natural disasters, one of the call centers will be there to take your call and assist you. This company is UL Listed and FM approved and call center agents are certified trained professionals. It is interesting that monitoring centers are also certified by the department of Defense.