Buyer’s Guide Part 5 – Additional Features of Medical Alert Systems

In addition to the above, there are a number of other medical alert system features that you may want to consider before making your final decision:


Wall Mounted Buttons

In addition to alerting the call center via the base unit and pendant, you can also alert them with wall mounted buttons that you place around your home. For instance, if you use a pendant that you remove while bathing, placing a wall mounted button near the bathtub is a good idea since falls in the bathroom are so common.




Outdoor Lockbox

Another thing that you may want to consider before buying your medical alert system is your need for a lock box. In this case, the lockbox will be mounted on the outside of your home and contain a key to get into the house. If emergency personnel is dispatched, they will have access to a key and won’t have to break a door in order to reach you. Some packages offer this as a standard feature; others will require a small fee for this service.




Voice Extender

Since you may be far away from the base unit when an emergency occurs, you may want to consider a voice extender. This feature will make your voice louder and helps you hear the call center personnel easier. This is a good feature to consider especially in a large home or for those who may be hard of hearing. This is an add-on feature that also requires an additional fee.


Motion Sensing Lights

Though motion sensing lights for the nighttime are not always offered as an add-on with a medical alert system, this is a feature that you may want to consider on your own. Motion sensing night lights are highly beneficial in the home, as it can be difficult to see at night. This is especially the case when going up and down the stairs or maneuvering hallways. These lights helps to eliminate falls and accidents that may occur due to lack of light.



There is no doubt that these systems will improve your life and help you to remain safely in your home. A medical alert system is a necessity in many cases, and since there are so many on the market, it is easy to find one that meets your needs in every way. For more information about these medical alert systems as well as reviews and ratings of some of the many on the market, check our reviews page. Here you will find unbiased reviews and information that can help you choose the right medical alert system for your personal situation. Click Here to Compare All Medical Alert Systems »


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