Buyer’s Guide Part 4 – Protection Services and Premium Features

What has been discussed so far are the basics about medical alert systems. There are also a number of protection services and premium features available. Keep in mind that some of these may have additional fees associated with them:

Fall Detection

Fall detection is a service that is offered by a number of these companies. This feature is a very important one as falls happen quite often, especially with the elderly. In fact, the CDC estimates that one in three adults over the age of 65 fall each year. In addition, almost 30 percent of all falls cause moderate to severe injury, and some falls are fatal.

With this feature, when you fall, the system will automatically detect it and automatically place a call to the call center. In most cases, this is an optional service that has an extra fee. Falling is very common, so it is best to be prepared with features such as fall protection when considering a medical alert system. Compare Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection (Auto Alert) Feature »


Check-In Service

Check-In service is another special feature that some medical alert companies offer. With this service, the company will check on the user periodically, simply to ensure all is well with them and the system.


GPS and Mobile System

Some companies will also offer an optional GPS service to their customers. This helps to locate you both inside and outside of your home in case of emergency. The GPS system is incorporated into the pendant and will help to get help to you quickly. This is a service that will require a small fee to add to your plan. Compare Mobile On-the-go Medical Alert Systems with GPS Tracking »


Home Intrusion

Keep in mind that a medical alert system is not a home intrusion device, but some systems offer home intrusion features. Just as a home intrusion system, these units will send an alert to the call center, and they will dispatch emergency services to your home.


CO Monitoring

These systems may also serve as carbon monoxide monitors. If you choose a system with these capabilities, you will get the extra equipment and services that will alert you and the call center to the presence of carbon monoxide in your home. Though some companies may offer this in a package, many do not, so you may need to pay an extra fee for this service.


Fire and Smoke Monitoring

When it comes to protection from fire, some medical alert companies also have this added feature. Additional equipment is needed, and though it may be part of a package the business is offering, in most cases, the customer is required to pay an extra fee for this type of monitoring.


Temperature Monitoring

Some systems also offer temperature monitoring in the home. With this service, the call center will be alerted if the temperature in the home moves into an unsafe range. If it does, help will be dispatched to the user. This may be available in some packages, or may require an additional fee.


Medication Dispenser

There are also medical alert companies out there that offer services like medication dispensing and organizing. With this service, each day the system will remind you to take your pills. There are even services that allow you to load up a dispenser with the pills you need for the entire month. If you miss a dose, someone, like a friend or family member, will be alerted. Again, this may be part of certain packages that are offered, but may also require an additional fee.


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